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FAQ - Applying for Recertification


Can I apply for recertification online?
Yes. After logging-in, you can click on the recertification program. Applying for recertification indicates that those certified continued to adhere to the Standards of Practice and fulfilled the continuing education requirement.

Can I apply for CFE post approval online?
Yes. Select "Manage My CFEs" under the Certification and Education section of the website. Members, Certified Foresters, and Candidate Certified Foresters may upload event information for post approval with no additional fee.

Is there a grace period for recertification?

All Certified Foresters and Candidate Certified Foresters receive a three-month grace period, following their recertification date, to apply for recertification.

Can I apply for reexamination online?
Yes, an applicant that does not pass the certification exam or a state licensure exam may submit the payment online. Please wait 2 to 3 business days for SAF staff to update your record with the exam results prior to applying. 

What are the recertification fees?

The recertification fee for Certified Foresters is $120 for members and $180 for non SAF members. The fee is paid once every three years. Candidate Certified Foresters recertify annually with a fee of $40 for members and $60 for non SAF members.