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The February Edition of Forest Science Table of Contents.

Fundamental Research

A New Mean Squared Error Estimator for a Synthetic Domain Mean
Magnussen, Steen

Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) Affects Above- and Belowground Processes in Commercial Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) Stands 
Trautwig, Adam N.; Eckhardt, Lori G.; Loewenstein, Nancy J.; Hoeksema, Jason D.; Carter, Emily A.; Nadel, Ryan L.

Changes in Species Diversity, Aboveground Biomass, and Distribution Characteristics along an Afforestation Successional Gradient in Semiarid Picea crassifolia Plantations of Northwestern China 
Zhu, Xi; He, Zhibin; Chen, Longfei; Du, Jun; Yang, Junjun; Lin, Pengfei; Li, Jin

Geostatistics Applied to Growth Estimates in Continuous Forest Inventories
Raimundo, Marcel Regis; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraco; de Mello, Jose Marcio; Scolforo, Jose Roberto Soares; McTague, John Paul; dos Reis, Aliny Aparecida

Variation among Loblolly Pine Seed Sources across Diverse Environments in the Southeastern United States
Farjat, Alfredo E.; Chamblee, Aaron K.; Isik, Fikret; Whetten, Ross W.; McKeand, Steven E.

A Multiple Criteria Approach for Negotiating Ecosystem Services Supply Targets and Forest Owners' Programs 
Borges, José G.; Marques, Susete; Garcia-Gonzalo, Jordi; Rahman, Arif Ur; Bushenkov, Vladimir; Sottomayor, Miguel; Carvalho, Pedro O.; Nordström, Eva-Maria

Precommercial Thinning of Picea mariana and Pinus banksiana: Impact of Treatment Timing and Competitors on Growth Response 
Splawinski, Tadeusz B.; Drobyshev, Igor; Gauthier, Sylvie; Bergeron, Yves; Greene, David F.; Thiffault, Nelson

The Impact of Overstory Density on Reproduction Establishment in the Missouri Ozarks: Models for Simulating Regeneration Stochastically 
Vickers, Lance A.; Larsen, David R.; Dey, Daniel C.; Knapp, Benjamin O.; Kabrick, John M.

Soil Bacterial Diversity Impacted by Conversion of Secondary Forest to Rubber or Eucalyptus Plantations: A Case Study of Hainan Island, South China
Lan, Guoyu; Li, Yuwu; Wu, Zhixiang; Xie, Guishui


Applied Research

Influence of Repeated Prescribed Fire on Tree Growth and Mortality in Pinus resinosa Forests, Northern Minnesota 
Bottero, Alessandra; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Palik, Brian J.; Kern, Christel C.; Bradford, John B.; Scherer, Sawyer S.

Projecting Nonnative Douglas Fir Plantations in Southern Europe with the Forest Vegetation Simulator 
Castaldi, Cristiano; Vacchiano, Giorgio; Marchi, Maurizio; Corona, Piermaria

Genetic Parameters for Bole Straightness and Branch Angle in Jack Pine Estimated Using Linear and Generalized Linear Mixed Models 
Weng, Yuhui; Ford, Randy; Tong, Zaikang; Krasowski, Marek

ThinTool: A Spreadsheet Model to Evaluate Fuel Reduction Thinning Cost, Net Energy Output, and Nutrient Impacts 
Han, Sang-Kyun; Han, Han-Sup; Elliot, William J.; Bilek, Edward M.

Carbon, Harvest Yields, and Residues from Restoration in a Mixed Forest on California's Coast Range 
Berrill, John-Pascal; Han, Han-Sup

Long-Term Regeneration Responses to Overstory Retention and Understory Vegetation Treatments in the Northern Rocky Mountains 
Jang, Woongsoon; Keyes, Christopher R.; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.

Aims and Scope

Forest Science is a peer-reviewed journal publishing fundamental and applied research that explores all aspects of natural and social sciences as they apply to the function and management of the forested ecosystems of the world. Topics include silviculture, forest management, biometrics, economics, entomology & pathology, fire & fuels management, forest ecology, genetics & tree improvement, geospatial technologies, harvesting & utilization, landscape ecology, operations research, forest policy, physiology, recreation, social sciences, soils & hydrology, and wildlife management.

Forest Science is published bimonthly in February, April, June, August, October, and December.