Journal of Forestry: Special Issue - May 2017
Journal of Forestry: Special Issue - May 2017
National Silviculture Workshop Issue

Purchase this special edition of the May 2017 Journal of Forestry dedicated to the proceedings from the 2015 National Silviculture Workshop. Industry-leading research regarding the best approaches for silvicuture practices can be yours in bulk orders for staff or students. Here are some of the papers included in this special issue:
• Field Note: Longleaf Pine Cone Collection on the Sabine National Forest in October 2014
• Integrating Science and Management to Assess Forest ecosystem Vulnerability to Climate Change
• Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change: A National Experiment in Manager-Scientist
• Silviculture to Restore Oak Savannas and Woodlands
• Assessing Climate Change Risk using Forest Inventory Data
• Sand Pine and Florida Scrub-Jays - A Semi-Tropical Silviculture Success Story
• A Comparison of the Survival and Development of Black, Chestnut, Northern Red, and White Oak Seedlings
• Advanced Oak Seedling Development as Influenced by Shelterwood Treatments, Competition Control
• Managing Hardwood - Softwood Mixtures for Future Forests in Eastern North America: Assessing Suitability to Projected Climate Change

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