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Ben Meadows Scholarships

Receive a $100 Discount and Help New Members Save 30% on Membership

When you recruit a member you can save big money on membership dues. For every new or reinstating member recruited, you receive $20 off your national membership dues over the next five years of membership. And the person you recruit will receive a 30% discount. These discounts are only if both the recruiting member and recruited member maintain their membership for five consecutive years. Student memberships are not eligible for this program.

Be The Sponsor and You Both Win

Make sure they list you as the sponsor/member referral and help them sign up by:

Request special recruitment cards to passout to potential members.

Help Unite the Forestry Community and Take Advantage of Exclusive Benefits

Show new and reinstating members how they can:

  • Get involved with the best network of forestry professionals in America
  • Access the nation's largest listing of continuing forestry education
  • Participate locally and make a difference
  • Study "How-tos" and read the forestry-related news with the Forestry Source
  • Get a FREE online subscription to Forest Science
  • Get FREE online subscriptions to all three Regional Applied Journals of Forestry
  • Enhance their professional credentials with the Certified Forester® program
  • Get discounted pricing on the NEW Forestry Mobile App
  • Use the SAF Career Center and post their résumé in the online database
  • Get discounted rates on Consulting and Prescribed Fire Insurance
  • Learn about the latest developments in forest-related policy
  • Get discounted rates on disability, life, and automotive insurance
  • And much, much more