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City to explore more projects in Ten Mile Watershed
07.10 ...more

Pa. voters back fracking, but not in state parks
06.06 ...more

Severe Flooding May Follow Summer Fires Out West, Thanks to El Nino
06.04 ...more

Wastewater diverted to Missoula tree farm
06.03 ...more

Neighbors wary of forest harvest
05.22 ...more

Corps reports ditching violation in Hofman
05.21 ...more

Judge keeps logging road suit alive
05.01 ...more

Report: Forests may play bigger role in rainfall than estimated
04.11 ...more

Spraying company faces civil penalties
04.10 ...more

$2.6M BLM debt no factor in drilling lease
04.09 ...more

Forest Service to move forward with watershed work
04.09 ...more

Invaders changing nature’s face
04.04 ...more

$35M initiative aims to improve water quality in the Delaware River basin
04.02 ...more

Oregon Attorney General Orders Release of Pesticide Investigation Records
03.25 ...more

Logging to resume at Quabbin, Ware River, Wachusett watersheds
03.24 ...more

Some question logging on land surrounding Northampton’s reservoirs
03.17 ...more

Payments to Upstream Landowners to Protect Water Downstream
03.13 ...more

Swan River restoration project could benefit cutthroat trout
02.24 ...more

USDA Announces Regional Hubs to Help Forestry Address Climate Change
02.06 ...more

Headwaters State Forest closer to completion
02.05 ...more

Big Tujunga dam in Angeles National Forest ready for a ‘big gulp’
02.04 ...more

Tongass Twelvemile Watershed Stream Restoration Completed
02.03 ...more

Logging clears the way for a more ecologically robust watershed
01.30 ...more

Water-Forestry Forum charts a new course for California
01.28 ...more

Decision due in a year on North Fork wells
01.22 ...more

Fuel for the fire: Drought is a tree-killer
01.10 ...more

Natural Gas Boom Cuts Into Pennsylvania's State Forests
01.10 ...more

Plan Looks at Future Oil, Gas Development on White River National Forest
01.09 ...more

Rim Fire's effects on Sierra lakes studied
01.06 ...more

Harvard study: sprawl threatens water quality, climate, and conservation
12.12 ...more

Meadows project part of larger plan
11.14 ...more

O&C flap clouds Corvallis watershed
11.11 ...more

Denver Water, Forest Service Team Up On Thinning Project
11.11 ...more

Wildfire and Bend's water
11.04 ...more

Commission reports high logger compliance in protecting water quality
10.31 ...more

Augusta County center helps reforestation effort
10.28 ...more

Managing Nature’s Runaway Freight Trains
10.28 ...more

State to resume logging in Quabbin Reservation
10.09 ...more

Groups object to logging project near city water source
10.07 ...more

Applegate River project intended to improve spwaning habitat
09.16 ...more

Forest Service Announces Final Rule on Restoration of Soil, Water Resources
09.13 ...more

'Rivers On Rolaids': How Acid Rain Is Changing Waterways
09.13 ...more

Mudslides aren’t over
09.11 ...more

Battle shaping up over federal water rights
09.10 ...more

Conservationists’ report links NC pellet mills with wetland clear-cutting
08.28 ...more

Pot farms in forests a growing problem
08.26 ...more

Do Oregon's clear-cut and pesticide buffers protect drinking water?
08.21 ...more

UF researchers: forest management changes could produce large water yields
08.08 ...more

Dredging South Carolina's Rivers For Long-Forgotten Timber
08.07 ...more

Mohican advocates eye forest fracking decision
07.31 ...more

Purchase of 463 acres seen as water supply protection
06.25 ...more

Scientists ask for salmon protection in Tongass
06.12 ...more

Study ties water value among irrigators to forest restoration
05.31 ...more

Deforestation Will Impact Kansans for Many Years to Come
05.13 ...more

Scenic, Struggling Southern Illinois Braces for Fracking Rush
05.09 ...more

Fracking still a possibility in Talladega National Forest
04.26 ...more

Fort Collins water vulnerable to possible Grand Lake firestorm
04.02 ...more

County deal would protect 43,000 acres on White River
03.22 ...more

Court Sides with Timber Industry in Runoff Dispute
03.22 ...more

Group keeps up challenge to logging roads
03.21 ...more

Timber industry celebrates Supreme Court decision on logging roads
03.21 ...more

Drought erasing evergreens from palette of Great Plains
03.20 ...more

UT's fracking plan faces opposition
03.15 ...more

Federal agencies plan meeting on forest drilling
03.13 ...more

Forest to Faucet: Why National Forests Are More Than Recreational Spaces
03.07 ...more

Endowment advances national water and watershed protection programs
02.22 ...more

Agencies conserve 4,000 acres in Blackwater, Nottoway watersheds
02.21 ...more

East Quabbin Land Trust pushing to protect 421,000 acres of forestland
02.20 ...more

Forest Service’s water rights filing draws ire
02.11 ...more

USFS announces public process regarding water rights on National Forests
02.08 ...more

Idaho environmentalists, feds spar over mega-loads
02.07 ...more

Amazon Freshwater Ecosystems Are Vulnerable to Degradation
02.04 ...more

SAF Member works with Honduran Farmers to Rebuild the Forest Areas
02.01 ...more

Water board OKs forest-thinning pac
01.16 ...more

Study shows pine beetle outbreak buffers watersheds from nitrate pollution
01.15 ...more

Plum Creek to fund water-quality research at Oregon State
01.09 ...more

Forests and water could be doomed in 2060
01.02 ...more

Forest Service investigates trail and forest damage
12.19 ...more

Water rights dispute pitts Tombstone vs. Feds
12.19 ...more

Conservationists and ranchers team up to aid land cultivation
12.17 ...more

Studies Conclude Forests Facing A Bleak, Dry Future
12.10 ...more

Supreme Court to decide how logging roads regulated
12.03 ...more

Increasing Drought Stress Predicted to Challenge Vulnerable Hydraulic Syste
11.29 ...more

Snow, Sewage and a Fragile Alpine Plant
11.20 ...more

Nation's ski areas and U.S. Forest Service fight over water rights
11.16 ...more

Preserve the services of mangrovesEarth's invaluable coastal forests
11.14 ...more

Two groups to appeal approval of forest drilling
11.13 ...more

US Forest Service awards $3M in grants to protect Great Lakes
10.12 ...more

Lessons From Iraq: Urban Marshes and City Survival
10.08 ...more

Managing Forests Could Boost Water Yields
10.02 ...more

Ohio national forest OKs natural-gas drilling
08.28 ...more

Mayans themselves may have aided collapse of empire
08.24 ...more

Deepening drought affects forests, fish, wildlife
08.16 ...more

In Oregon, Residents Struggle to Solve a Pesticide Mystery
08.15 ...more

Dying trees, low reservoir levels allow methane-producing microbes to thriv
08.13 ...more

Seeing Forest Stress from Drought in Real Time
08.09 ...more

Little Bear Fire aftermath leaves Ruidoso relying solely on groundwater wel
08.08 ...more

Lake Powhatan closed for high bacteria count
08.03 ...more

Ashland Creek watershed timber harvest awarded
08.03 ...more

Fire danger sparks worries about Helena water source
08.02 ...more

House panel OKs Herrera Beutler forest roads bill
08.02 ...more

Chronic 2000-04 Drought, Worst in 800 Years, May Be the
07.30 ...more

Afforestation improves financial condition of poor people
07.24 ...more

Forest Detectives Solve Asheville Watershed Mystery
07.20 ...more

DCNR shifts operations in Bureau of Forestry
07.17 ...more

SFI Awards Grant to Support Water Quality Research
07.16 ...more

Northwest Forest Plan Working to Preserve Old-growth Forests and Clean Wate
07.13 ...more

Fracking debate reaches Alabama with forest drilling plan
07.11 ...more

State Foresters Receive SFI Grant to Measure Water Quality Successes
07.12 ...more

Groups to protest national forest info session on drilling
07.09 ...more

Dying trees in Southwest set stage for erosion, water loss in Colorado Rive
06.27 ...more

Court: Can EPA regulate mud from logging roads?
06.26 ...more

Environmentalist: 'We have a lot of trust in the players involved'
06.18 ...more

State Catalogs Shale Holdings in Parks, Forests
06.14 ...more

Federal Government Delays Action of Forest Drilling
06.13 ...more

Redwoods vs. red wine: Lawsuit aims to block vineyard
06.08 ...more

Foresters begin drought survey
05.22 ...more

EPA to Revise Its Regulations to Specify Logging Roads Need No Discharge Pe
05.22 ...more

Bull Trout Stream Deemed Fully Restored
05.15 ...more

USDA Advances Water Quality Conservation Across the US
05.10 ...more

Tombstone lawsuit focuses on state's rights
04.09 ...more

Wasatch Canyons among 5 pilot projects in nation for watershed protection
04.09 ...more

Judge stops logging over Clean Water Act concerns
04.05 ...more

Story As Old As The West: Tombstone Files Suit For Water
03.30 ...more

Involving Private Landowners in Reforesting the Lower Mississippi Alluvial
03.23 ...more

Pesticide additives cause drifting droplets, but can be controlled
03.20 ...more

Urban Waters Federal Partnership Launches Ambassadors Program
03.02 ...more

New tool could flood Louisiana wetlands with private financing
01.27 ...more

Study: Restored Wetlands Rarely Equal Condition of Original Wetlands
01.25 ...more

Minot forestry department tends to trees, plants in need after flood
01.17 ...more

Logging Rules To Change To Protect Streams
01.06 ...more

Drought may have killed a half-billion trees, Texas Forest Service says
12.20 ...more

New law shields timberland owners from permit fees for logging roads
12.20 ...more

Packers, U.S. Forest Service donate to First Downs for Trees program
12.16 ...more

Forest thinning suggested to curtail dropping groundwater table
12.16 ...more

Forest Service, Bozeman Release Final Municipal Watershed Decision
12.06 ...more

Scientists Propose Thinning Sierra Forests to Enhance Water Runoff
12.01 ...more

Forest Service sinks Utahs plan to poison fish
12.01 ...more

Helena watershed conditions worst in region
11.28 ...more

Southwestern Oregon streams: a flawed view of the past, an uncertain future
11.28 ...more

Pinelands Commission gets $350,524 from U.S. Environmental Protection Agenc
11.14 ...more

Forest Service maps link healthy drinking water to healthy forests
11.10 ...more

Helena protects water supply with timber cuts above Rimini
10.21 ...more

States Ask Supreme Court to Review Case On Stormwater Runoff
10.19 ...more

Feds find golden trout not at serious risk
10.10 ...more

Forest structure, services and biodiversity may be lost even as form remain
10.03 ...more

Managing Future Forests for Water
09.28 ...more

Local group to sue over herbicide spraying
09.28 ...more

Why streams are warmer on private timberland
09.23 ...more

Scientists Say Forests Are Key to Preventing Food Insecurity
09.14 ...more

New plans for Everglades protection
09.08 ...more

New Umpqua Watersheds executive director seeks rapport with timber industry
08.29 ...more

Deciduous diversity
08.18 ...more

Trout Fishing in a Climate-Changed America
08.17 ...more

DOI seeks watershed control
08.16 ...more

Urban Impacts on Phosphorus in Streams
08.15 ...more

Protests lead to more arrests at snowbowl
08.15 ...more

SDSU experts offer info on flooded trees
07.14 ...more

Foresters From Other States Get Look At WV
07.13 ...more

W.Va. study raises questions about fracking fluid
07.13 ...more

Environmentalists seek to block drilling near Mount St. Helens
07.13 ...more

Harvesting part of plan to save Cypress Swamp
06.28 ...more

Officials Approve Monsanto Phosphate Mine in Idaho
06.22 ...more

Professor to study flooding in southern W.Va.
06.22 ...more

Herbicides showing up in people
06.14 ...more

State will investigate pesticide case
06.13 ...more

Study Finds Widespread Stream Biodiversity Declines at Low Levels of Urban
06.10 ...more

"Thermal pollution" in rivers not fully mediated by gravel augmentation
06.08 ...more

Vilsack Introduces Framework for America's Watersheds
06.06 ...more

Seeding Riparian Forest Can Cut Cost of Improving Environment
05.25 ...more

Groups work to restore cutthroat trout habitat in the Greybull River draina
05.20 ...more

Court: reaffirms that muddy water is pollution
05.17 ...more

Clatsop County residents, businesses debate forest management plan
05.13 ...more

World must curb resource use; China a test case: U.N.
05.12 ...more

Deep spring snow means bountiful water
05.03 ...more

City agrees to water deal with biomass company
05.02 ...more

Rewarding Farmers for Planting Trees
05.02 ...more

WV TACF and MeadWestvaco Committed to Species Restoration as part of SFI Co
05.02 ...more

Drought fuels fire risk in Northwest Florida
04.28 ...more

Soil and Water Conservation urges stewardship
04.22 ...more

Environmental agency weighs impact of cuts
04.19 ...more

Groups appeal to stop logging in Bozeman's watershed
04.08 ...more

Drought-exposed leaves adversely affect soil nutrients, study shows
04.05 ...more

Herbicide linked to birth defects
04.01 ...more

DCR to track farmers' conservation efforts
04.01 ...more

Southwestern US Headed for
03.14 ...more

US Forest Service Looks at Changes for the 21st Century
03.07 ...more

DNR chief: Timber-harvest rules compliance must improve
02.10 ...more

Report details compliance with Forest Practice Rules
02.08 ...more

Forestry plan raises concern in Orange County
12.01 ...more

Forestry plan raises concern in Orange County
12.01 ...more

US partnering with Indonesia to stem deforestation
11.30 ...more

USDA offers $700,000 for forest management
11.10 ...more

Obama to target forest and climate aid on Indonesia trip
11.03 ...more

Watershed Forestry Back on the Table
10.13 ...more

Urban forests provide Americans with critical services
10.07 ...more

Last-minute appeal puts Ecola Forest Reserve trade on hold
10.01 ...more

Kimberly-Clark Helps Save Water One Flush as a Time
09.28 ...more

Wetlands drying up
09.27 ...more

Feds to release Yakima groundwater study
09.21 ...more

Why Denver Spends Water Fees on Trees
09.07 ...more

DEC releases plan for managing state forests where trees can be cut
09.07 ...more

Slow, steady flow best against drought stress
09.07 ...more

Local foresters help with Gulf oil response
08.26 ...more

Volunteers take on cattails
08.26 ...more

State finishes water quality study of upper Gallatin River
08.24 ...more

Burma's Mangrove Forest Under Threat
08.23 ...more

Planting Forests Can Prevent Flooding
08.19 ...more

DLNR, wildlife partners survey waterbirds statewide
08.18 ...more

Appeals court decision: mud from logging roads is pollution
08.18 ...more

Court Rules Logging Road Runoff Is Pollution
08.17 ...more

Logging may swamp Indonesian peatlands, destroy local sustainable sago indu
08.16 ...more

Natural, Man-Made Wetlands Are Similar at Year 15, and Function as Effectiv
08.06 ...more

ODF issues fire rules on rivers
07.29 ...more

Kansas Forest Service to Rate Delaware Streambank Trees
07.29 ...more

Catawba River water tests show improvement, but room to grow
07.16 ...more

Colorado State Forest Service Releases Best Management Practices for Water
07.14 ...more

07.14 ...more

Drought Response Committee upgrades state to
07.09 ...more

RapidEye Aids USGS With Colorado Imaging
07.08 ...more

How Vulnerable is Our Groundwater?
06.25 ...more

Study highlights trees' importance to fish as climate warms
06.23 ...more

Watershed stakeholders issue new land acquisition program
06.18 ...more

Lake Michigan sub: Studying climate change
06.17 ...more

Water data flows to Internet
06.16 ...more

Alberta research looks at the pine beetle's effect on water levels
06.09 ...more

Judge rules Forest Service failed to adequately protect Oregon steelhead
06.09 ...more

Conserving Delta's aquifer
06.07 ...more

Decade of drought withers city trees
06.07 ...more

Report: Prevention best way to keep waters clean
06.03 ...more

Donated trees will spruce up Gahanna students' neighborhoods
06.02 ...more

Landowners can apply for state money to restore fish passages
06.02 ...more

Vilsack praises Montana conservation efforts at Blackfoot gathering
06.02 ...more

Tracking surface water on a warming planet
06.02 ...more

Commonly Used Atrazine Herbicide Adversely Affects Fish Reproduction
05.19 ...more

World Bank Works to Promote Environmentally-Sensitive Development Projects
05.11 ...more

Logging in limbo
05.05 ...more

Study: upswing, value in forest and watershed restoration
04.13 ...more

Students plant trees as part of mine reclamation effort
04.13 ...more

U.S. gives Columbia Land Trust $6 million grant
04.13 ...more

Greene-Sullivan State Forest has provided many benefits
04.09 ...more

Atrazine Runoff Poses Problem in Missouri Watershed
04.06 ...more

Weyerhaeuser, DNR reach deal on two drainages
03.30 ...more

Landowners face fight over NYC watershed
03.29 ...more

SRWMD Successfully Completes Forestry Operations Audit
03.25 ...more

Building a market for nature
03.24 ...more

Officials want input on forests around Kentucky for report
03.24 ...more

Study shows woody plant encroachment has increased stream flow in the Edwa
03.05 ...more

Haiti quake opportunity to restore rural ecology?
03.01 ...more

Haitian ambassador seeks aid from Yale
02.26 ...more

Forest Management Vital Role of Providence Water
02.24 ...more

Forest Service to host public events on planning rule development
02.24 ...more

Mayor tells feds: You caused mud, you pay
02.08 ...more

Wyden asks for return of $2 million for Ashland project
02.05 ...more

Plantations can provide the same ecosystem services as natural forests
02.01 ...more

Okefenokee wildfires clear the way for a new habitat
02.01 ...more

Environmental coordinator keeps tabs on water
02.01 ...more

Is Iron from Soil a Factor in Algal Blooms?
01.28 ...more

Oversight Panel Sees Biofuel Crops Helping Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
01.21 ...more

FWS to Propose Injurious Species Listing
01.21 ...more

DNREC to release data on wetland loss
01.19 ...more

Soil and Water Conservation Society offers $1,000 scholarship
01.12 ...more

Feds kick off contribution to Everglades restoration at Picayune Strand
01.08 ...more

Lawsuit Claims Fire Retardant Killed Fish
12.16 ...more

Timber rules to help salmon
12.04 ...more

Forest Service 'Dramatically Reshaping' Plans in Response to Climate Change
11.30 ...more

Rainstorm sends water, mud flowing into LA suburb
11.13 ...more

Barrasso forest bill gains administration support
11.11 ...more

New Forests Have Long-Term Effects on Hydrology
11.09 ...more

SU grant to fund ecosystem study
11.09 ...more

Move to restore mangrove forests
11.03 ...more

County launches water conservation Web site
11.03 ...more

Station Fire raises new concerns about wildlife, city's plans for Hahamongn
11.01 ...more

Yale professor researches frogs in area ponds
10.21 ...more

Portland area makes growth decisions
10.05 ...more

Water disrupts frogs' development
09.23 ...more

Skokomish watershed work helps fish
09.18 ...more

Making Wetlands Count
09.18 ...more

Va. receives $1M for forestry projects
09.16 ...more

Fed officials fear Calif. logging rules would hurt salmon
09.14 ...more

Utah Wildfire Prompts Flood Fears
Disaster News Network - 09.07 ...more

Plans under way to thin wildfire fuels in southwest Reno
Gazette-Jrnl (NV) - 09.07 ...more

Congressional groups aim to make Colorado more wild
Denver Post - 09.06 ...more

New manager to lead DNRs Pacific Cascade Region in southwest Washington
WA DNR - 09.01 ...more

The art in returning a stream to its natural state
Bend Bulletin - 09.01 ...more

Native plants take to the road
East Oregonian - 08.18 ...more

93% View Water Pollution as 'Serious' Problem
Environmental Leader - 08.18 ...more

WCS study on birds and streams included in federal guidelines to safeguard
Eureakalrt - 08.18 ...more

Group asks IOW to help preserve wetlands
Tidewater News (VA) - 08.12 ...more

Isle of Wight asked to invest up to $3 million in land deal
Daily Press (VA) - 08.12 ...more

Time for peace in the Flathead Valley
Canada.com - 08.10 ...more

MSU receives $1.7 million in stimulus funding for sustainability research
MSU press release - 08.10 ...more

Feds declare salmon endangered on 3 Maine rivers
AP 06.16.09 ...more

Soil and land conservation reduces sand washed into China's second longest
Chinaview.cn - May 21 ...more

UMaine-Virginia Tech Pair Up to Receive Nearly $800,000
The University of Maine - May 12 ...more

Michigan wetlands at risk in budget crisis
The Detroit News - May 11 ...more

Coastal watershed could win protection on ballot
OregonLive.com - May 10 ...more

Marylanders tell poll that Bay is their top environmental priority
The Chesapeake Bay Journal - May 5 ...more

Bill Will Protect Montana Watersheds, Fishing Habitat for Generations
Flathead Beacon - May 1 ...more