Georgia Division Officers

Mr. Sean M. Bennett, CFDivision Treasurer1/1/202212/31/2024[email protected]
Ms. Rebecca W. WatsonHall of Fame Committee1/1/20211/1/2025[email protected]

Duties of SAF Officers

Duties of Chair
The chair position shall be for one year running from January to December. The chair shall be responsible for developing and continuing SAF activities during the office term and for organizing the membership toward meeting the objectives. The chair shall preside at meetings, serve as executive committee chairman, an ex officio member of all other committees, oversee business affairs and prepare annual budget as early as possible in cooperation with the secretary/treasurer. The chair shall appoint standing and special committee members and perform all other duties commonly incident to such office. The division chair is on the SESAF executive committee and will attend all executive committee meetings. The Chapter chair is on the Georgia Division executive committee and shall attend all executive committee meetings. In the event the chair is unable to attend the executive committee meeting the chair-elect shall attend.

Duties of Chair-elect
The chair-elect position shall be for one year running from January to December. The chair-elect, in the chair's absence, shall preside at meetings and act for and assist the chair in conducting affairs as requested by the chair. The chair-elect shall serve as chair of the membership and program committee. In the Division chair's absence, the chair-elect will attend SESAF executive committee meetings. In the Chapter chair's absence, the chair-elect will attend the Georgia Division executive committee meeting. The chair-elect becomes the chair the following year.

Duties of SAF Secretary/Treasurer
The treasurer shall act as the custodian of the SAF accounts and accounting records; receive and deposit all monies, and disburse all monies authorized by the Chair, Executive Committee, or chair of the committee that is authorized to conduct business of behalf of SAF. The secretary/treasurer position shall run for two years.

The treasurer shall prepare and present at each executive committee meeting or chapter meeting a written report of the current financial status, including an income and expense statement for the current month, the year to date financial status, and a balance sheet at the end of the fiscal year. The treasurer's accounting records may be kept by such electronic accounting programs as deemed reasonable, customary, and effective to perform the tasks of the treasurer. The treasurer shall locate a suitable banking establishment in which to conduct the necessary banking requirements.

The chair, chair-elect, and treasurer shall be authorized signers of the account if possible. In the immediate absence of the treasurer, the chair shall direct the disbursement of funds. The treasurer shall prepare and present at a meeting scheduled by the auditing committee, usually consisting of the outgoing chair, incoming chair-elect, and another member, the records of the previous year's financial status and accounting procedures for their review. Upon certification of the auditing committee, copies of the written conclusions shall be submitted to the members of the executive committee and the CEO of the National SAF.

The treasurer shall provide all information required by the National SAF Financial Office needed for the Internal Revenue Service. The Secretary/Treasurer shall type up the minutes of each meeting and present them for approval at the next meeting. The secretary/treasurer shall send copies of the minutes to the state chapter chairs, SESAF chair and to the SESAF business manager to be included in the newsletter.