HALL OF FAME: 1990 - 1999

Barry Forrest Malac

Born: Vienna, Austria 1923
Charles University of Prague
MF Duke University

Research Forester, Manager of Corporate Woodlands Research
Technical Director, Woodlands Division Union Camp Corporation 1953-1989

Energetic supporter of industrial forestry research. Respected and candid spokesman for effective application of research results in tree improvement, nursery practices, and forest fertilization. Affected the direction and progress of silvicultural research throughout the South for three decades.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1990.

Lawrence N. "Tommy" Thompson

Born: Mt. Vernon, Georgia 1925
BSF University of Georgia
MF Duke University

General Manager, Southern Division, Georgia Pacific Corporation 1955-1973

Founder and Owner, T&S Hardwoods, Inc., Milledgeville, Georgia, 1977-

Prominent and innovative forester, businessman, and civic leader. Demonstrated superior capabilities in timber inventory, procurement, harvesting, and manufacturing of quality hardwood lumber for world markets. Widely sought forestry consultant and benefactor of forestry education in Georgia and the Southeast.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1990.

Joseph S. "Sid" McKnight

Born: Hugo, Colorado 1919
BSF Colorado State University
MF Yale University

Research forester, project leader and ultimately Director's Representative, Southern Hardwoods Laboratory, Stoneville, MS

Director of Cooperative Forestry, US Forest Service, Washington, DC

Leading authority on the silviculture and management of southern hardwoods. Served SAF in state and national offices, including Council; elected Fellow in 1971. Editor of Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 1977-1990. As private consultant, recommended practices for more than 5 million acres of forest land. First forester ever appointed to advise the Chief of the US Army Corps of Engineers on environmental concerns.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1991.

W.M. "Bill" Oettmeier, Jr.

Born: Valdosta, Georgia 1938
BSF University of Georgia

President, General Manager of Superior Pine Products Company

Effective communicator and advocate for the wise use of forests. Championed fair taxation of private timberlands in Georgia. Prominent civic leader and strong supporter of Georgia's School of Forest Resources and the University of Georgia.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1992.

Eley C. Frazer III

Born: Lafayette, Alabama 1926
BSF University of Florida

Chairman of the Board of F&W Forestry Services, Inc.

Pioneer in forestry consulting in Georgia and the South. Provided leadership in developing and implementing standards for consulting services. National Spokesman for the rights of private landowners and stewardship of forest lands. President of Association of Consulting Foresters, Forest Farmers Association, Georgia Forestry Association, and Fellow of the Society of American Foresters.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1994.

G. Edward Knapp

Born: Ypsilanti, MIchigan 1916
BSF University of Michigan

Southern Pulpwood Conservation Association 1944-1947

Owner, Ed Knapp Company, Forestry Consultant 1947-1979
President, Knapp-Barrs Forestry Consulting 1979-1985

Instrumental in mechanization of forest operations during labor shortages of World War II. While serving in the Georgia House of Representatives (1966-1971), he co-sponsored legislation for statewide forest fire protection and for reclamation of open pit mines.

Chairman, Southeastern Society SAF 1965-1966

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1995.

Charles Fitzgerald

Born: Conyers, Georgia 1921
BSF, MS, PhD University of Georgia

Forest Superintendent, Georgia Pacific 1945-1956
Management Forester, Martin Timber Company 1956-1961
Associate Professor, University of Georgia 1966-1984

One of the first foresters in the South to recognize the potential of herbicides in forest stand establishment and improvement. Distinguished teacher of silviculture and noted plant taxonomist.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1995.

Robert L. Izlar

Born: Waycross, Georgia 1949
BSFR University of Georgia
MFR University of Georgia
MBA Georgia Southern University

Influential in building coalitions for forest policy development and implementation at the state, regional, and national levels. These included ad valorem tax reform and private property rights. Instituted logger training and public information programs. Renowned authority on the history of the Okefenokee Swamp. President, National Council of Forestry Association Executives, 1991-1992; Distinguished Alumnus of the School of Forestry Resources; Chair, Georgia Division SAF, 1995.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1997.

John W. Mixon

Born: Johnson County, Georgia 1937
BSF University of Georgia

Director, Georgia Forestry Commission 1973-1995

Established one of the largest tree seedling nursery and seed orchard complexes in the world. Initiated Georgia reforestation program which culminated in 1988 with more than 600,000 acres planted. Testified often before the Georgia legislature and US Congress on forestry issues. Elected President of the National Association of State Foresters and awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award. Co-founder of the Georgia Trees Coalition; Distinguished Alumnus of the Warnell School of Forest Resources, and Fellow in the Society of American Foresters.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1997.

William J. Barton

BSF North Carolina State University

Manager, Southern Woodlands Region, Union Camp Corporation 1983-1985

Responsible for all land management, wood procurement, company harvesting and attendant forestry activities in six southeastern states. Outspoken proponent for the wise use of forest resources. Certified Tree Farmer. Distinguished Alumnus, School of Forest Resources, NC State University. President, Georgia Forestry Association, 1979-1980; Director, Forestry History Society, 1995-1998; SAF member since 1948. Chaired Southeastern SAF in 1986, elected Fellow, 1987; Council Member, District X, 1988-1990; President SAF, 1992.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 1999.