Hall of Fame: 2000 - 2010

A. Ray Shirley

Born: Bowersville, Georgia 1913
BSF University of Georgia

Director and State Forester, Georgia Forestry Commission 1947-1949 and 1960-1980

Under his leadership, Georgia became the first state to produce genetically improved tree seedlings from an established seed orchard. He developed the first forest fire fighting organization in the nation with the lowest average fire size. He established wood as a prominent energy source during the nation's energy crisis in the mid-seventies.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2000.

James G. Fendig

Born: Brunswick, Georgia 1936
BSF University of Georgia 1950

Consistent and Proven Leader in Forest Industry of Southeastern U.S.
General Manager of Woodlands Division, Gilman Paper Company, 1973-1979
Vice-President and General Manager, Forest Resources, Southwest Forest Industries, 1979-1987
Vice-President and General Manager, Woodlands Division, Union Camp Corporation, 1987-1999s

Started at the bottom of the ladder and rose to corporate vice-president of two major forest products companies. Leader in forestry community, served as President of the Florida Forestry Association, Vice-President of the Georgia Forestry Association, Board of Commissioners of the Georgia Forestry Commission, and Chairman of the American Pulpwood Association. He has diversified accomplishments in land, timber, game management, fiber procurement, wood products manufacturing and technical research.

Inducted in Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2001.

James L. Gillis, Jr.

Born: Locust Grove, Georgia 1916
BSF University of Georgia 1937

Principal in Soperton Naval Stores, Inc. 1937 to date
Member and chairman of the Georgia Forestry Commission Board of Commissioners 1977 to date
State Senator 1945-1946

Instrumental in guiding state forest policy in Georgia for over a quarter of a century. In serving as President and Director of the American Turpentine Farmers Association, President of the Georgia Forestry Association, Chairman of the State Soil and Water Conservation Committee for more than 24 years, and leadership in numerous other organizations, he has been a champion on the private landowner and tireless promoter of forestry.

Inducted in Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame in 2002.

William C. (Billy) Lancaster

Born: Forsyth, GA 1949
BSFR University of Georgia 1971

WSFR Distinguished Alumnus
Founder of Georgia Division Forestry Youth Camp
Forestry Equipment Division Manager of METRAC
Georgia Forestry Association Board of Directors 1992-2003

William "Billy" Lancaster is recognized for his dedicated leadership in the practice and promotion of forestry. A member of the Society of American Foresters (SAF) since 1972, he served as Chairman of the Ocmulgee Chapter and several State Division committees. He founded the Georgia Division SAF Forestry Youth Camp in 1988, remained actively involved, and raised funds so students could attend free of charge.

Through his efforts and commitment, hundreds of teens learned about the value of Georgia's forest resources to their everyday lives. He was elected SAF Fellow in 2000. His willingness to volunteer his time and talents to SAF, Warnell School of Forest Resources, the Georgia Forestry Association and many community and civic organizations earned him great respect, recognition, and friendships.

Inducted in Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame in 2003.

Arnett C. Mace, Jr.

Born: Hackers Valley, West Virginia 1937
B.S.F. West Virginia University
M.S. University of Arizona
Ph.D. University of Arizona

Senior Vice president for Academic Affairs and Provost The University of Georgia

Served as Dean of the Daniel B. Warnell School of Forest Resources from 1991-2002. Instrumental in guiding highly successful endowment campaign to position the Warnell School for excellence in teaching, research and service to the people of Georgia. Worked with the Georgia General Assembly to create and permanently fund a national center of excellence forest sustainability research unit. Held numerous leadership positions in Arizona, Minnesota, and Florida academic and professional organizations. President, National Association of Professional Forestry Schools. Chair, SAF Upper Mississippi Valley Section. Fellow of the Society of American Foresters.

Inducted in Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2003.

John Reid Parker

Born: Franklin County, Georgia 1924
BSF University of Georgia 1950
MF Duke University 1952

UGA Professor and Undergraduate Student Advisor 1954-1979
UGA Athletic Director for Administration 1979-1980
WSFR 2001 Distinguished Alumnus

Reid Parker is recognized for his outstanding devotion to teaching, advising, and mentoring students of the University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forest Resources. As the only undergraduate advisor in the School, he imparted principles of forestry, of people, of philosophy, and of life to students. He served as Faculty Chairman of the UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors from 1972-1979. He joined the Society of American Foresters in 1948 and is a respected leader in many civic and community organizations. His dedication to forestry made a difference in the lives of thousands of alumni and friends of the Warnell School of Forest Resources.

Inducted in Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame in 2004.

W. Dale Greene

Born Magnolia, Arkansas 1959
BSF Louisiana State
MS Virginia Tech
PhD Auburn

Professor, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Developed research, teaching, and continuing education programs focused on improving the performance of timber harvesting and forestry operations. Active in leadership roles in the Council on Forest Engineering, Georgia Forestry Association, Georgia Forestry Foundation and Forest Resources Association. Member and Chair of the Georgia State Board of Registration for Foresters.

Inducted in Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2007.

Charles "Chuck" Place, Jr.

Born: Brooklyn, NY 1927
AS New York State Ranger School
BS Eastern Michigan University

Forest Education Specialist, Georgia Forestry Commission

Ardent promoter of forest stewardship and conservation education for over fifty years. A champion of forestry youth education who helped found in the 1950s what became the Billy Lancaster Forestry Youth Camp now sponsored by the Georgia Division Society of American Foresters. His passion is to make the processes of forestry operations understandable to the public. A tireless promoter of forestry through the Environmental Education Institute for Teachers, the Forestry Youth Camp, Macon Cherry Blossom Festival and SAF Ocmulgee Chapter activities.

Inducted in Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2007.

Charles M. Tarver

Born: Mobile, Alabama 1945
BS Auburn University

Co-Founder, Principal and President Forest Investments Associates

Pioneer in institutional timberland investment business for tax exempt funds. Created first pooled timberland investment fund which led the way for a wide array of timberland investment asset class funds for public, corporate, endowment, foundation, family and individual investors worldwide. Treasurer and Board Member, Georgia Forestry Association; Treasurer and President, American Forestry Association; Excellence in the General Practice of Forestry Award, Southeastern Section SAF; Outstanding Alumnus, Auburn University School of Forestry.

Inducted in Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2007.

Kathryn "Kate" Hutcherson Robie

Born: Louisville, Kentucky 1955
BS Forest Management, University of Kentucky
MBA Finance, The George Washington University

Founder and Principal, TimberLink, LLC
President and Co-Founder, Forest Investment Associates

Founded the first investment consulting firm dedicated to serving institutional timber investors. Co-founded one of the first timber investment management companies, helping pioneer timber as an asset class for institutional investors. Conceived, designed and taught series of "Forestry for Non-Foresters" short courses for Georgia Center for Continuing Education. Served on Society of American Foresters national Committee on Accreditation and on Ethics Committee, co-authored revised Code of Ethics for professional foresters. Received Southeastern Society of American Foresters General Practice of Forestry Award.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2009.

Michael Lee Clutter

Born: Durham, North Carolina 1959
BSFR, Mississippi State University
MFR, University of Georgia
PhD, University of Georgia

Dean, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

International authority on forest finance and timberland investment analysis. Leader in quantitative forest management particularly applied growth and yield, forest planning, capital budgeting, and PC-based geographic information systems on national scale forest land holdings. Twenty-one year industrial career with Georgia Kraft, Union Camp Corporation, Georgia-Pacific and the Timber Company focused on application of financial management concepts to forests and forest enterprise assessment. Recognized for excellence in teaching.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2009.

Winfred N. "Hank" Haynes

Born: Jackson County, Alabama 1921
Died: Savannah, Georgia 2005

BSF, University of Georgia
MF, Duke University

President and Chief Investment Officer, TimberMax LLC
Professor, University of Georgia School of Forest Resources
Woodlands Operations Manager, Union Camp Corporation

Exemplary forester, talented manager, caring educator and forestry visionary. Instrumental in applying modern forest planning techniquest and utilizing research and technology in the advanced management of two million forested acres of Union Camp land in seven states. Helped develop and implement forest business program at the University of Georgia. Led highly successful School of Forest Resources Bicentennial Campaign which significantly strengthened the School's endowment. Pioneered development and acceptance of timberland as an investable asset class. USMC veteran of WWII and Korea.

Inducted in the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame 2009.