Organizational Transparency

The Society of American Foresters is committed to transparency.  We provide the public with financial information including annual audits for the past five years and our Internal Revenue Service 990 forms.  In addition, SAF collaborates with GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.

Members of the Society also have access to membership data, SAF’s annual operating budget, and board meeting minutes.

Financial Audits

SAF’s audited financial statements include the following three financial statements: 
     1. The Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet) shows what the assets (things of value) and liabilities (debts) of the Society were on December 31 of each audit year.
     2. The Statement of Activities (or Income Statement) shows what comprised the revenue and expenses for the operations for each audit year and whether there was an increase or decrease in the net assets of the organization.
     3. The Statement of Cash Flows demonstrates where the organization’s cash came from and how the cash was used.*
*From How to Read Nonprofit Financial Statements: A Practical Guide.  Lang, Andrew S. et al.  American Society of Association Executives, 2017.

Internal Revenue Services Form 990s

Form 990 allows the IRS and the public to evaluate nonprofits and how they operate. IRS Form 990 ensures that nonprofits disclose any potential conflicts of interest, compensation of board members and staff, and other details having to do with financial accountability and avoidance of fraud.

The links below provide access to the national SAF 990s for the years 2011-2015; the national SAF 990-T for the years 2011-2015; and the joint group return for most of our affiliated state societies for the years 2011-2015.


2015 - 990
(Adobe PDF File)
2015 - 990-T
(Adobe PDF File)
2015 - 990 Group Return
(Adobe PDF File)


2014 - 990
(Adobe PDF File)
2014 - 990-T
(Adobe PDF File)
2014 - 990 Group Return
(Adobe PDF File)


2013 - 990
(Adobe PDF File)
2013 - 990-T
(Adobe PDF File)


2012 - Group Return
(Adobe PDF File)


2011 - Group Return
(Adobe PDF File)