Gregory Award

The Gregory Award commemorates the legacy of G. Robinson (Bob) Gregory, a pioneer in forest economics and resource development, who always thought of himself as a forester. Bob had a special interest in helping low-income countries develop their forest resources in thoughtful ways for the good of society. With his wife, Ann, Bob traveled much of the world consulting for the Ford Foundation, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and host countries on matters related to forest development. Ann’s intuition and social awareness of cultural attributes of each country were integral to Bob’s success in partnering with individuals, governments, and companies in various cultures and countries.

Award amount:

The award amount is $1,800 (US dollars) and may be used toward travel, lodging, and tickets to SAF convention events or technical field tours. SAF will work with the successful applicant to allocate the funds in the most useful manner. SAF provides a complimentary convention registration.

    • Applicants should be graduate students or practicing professional foresters from a country other than Canada or the United States, and working or planning to work in such a country.
    • Applicants shall have demonstrable past performance, desire and/or promise to contribute to their home or host country’s forestry education, government, or industry. 
    • Applicants shall have demonstrated potential for future leadership in forestry. 

Applications must include: 

    1. A letter from the applicant describing: 

      • How he/she meets the award criteria, 
      • How attending the SAF convention will help him/her meet professional goals in his/her home or host country, and 

      • The probability that he/she will be able to travel the United States. 

    2. A résumé or curriculum vitae.