Wisconsin SAF Comments on State Budget Proposal 

March 24, 2017 

Wisconsin SAF (WI SAF) weighed in on a provision in the state biennial budget bill that would eliminate the state's Forestry Mill Tax, which has provided stable funding for important forestry activities in the state for over 100 years. WI SAF is concerned about the change because it would force the Department of Natural Resources and all Wisconsin forestry community stakeholders to fight for forestry funding in every appropriations cycle. 

Tom Hittle, policy chair, drafted a letter to the legislature and the governor's office opposing these changes. 

"The forest industry is second only to agriculture in importance to our state's economy," said Hittle. "The Forestry Mill Tax helps to sustain Wisconsin's continued commitment to promote a top economic sector. To lessen this commitment by eliminating the Forestry Mill Tax implies a disregard for the tens of thousands of jobs and positive local economic impacts that continued wise stewardship of our forest resources provides."

WI SAF also joined a letter authored by the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association