SAF Submits FY 2018 Appropriations Testimony 

May 31, 2017
SAF submitted its FY 2018 testimony to the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies. These subcommittees make funding recommendations for the USDA Forest Service, Department of the Interior (including the Bureau of Land Management), and the Environmental Protection Agency, among others. Because testimony submissions are limited to four pages, coordination with partner groups is essential to ensure consistency and to cover all priority programs. 

Submitting written testimonies is an important way for SAF to get priorities on the record, and a critical piece of SAF's broader strategy to educate Congress about the importance of investing in forest resources and professionals. In addition to SAF's testimony, coalition support letters for these and other important programs have also been developed - including letters for urban and community forestry programs, invasive species prevention and detection, and Forest Service research broadly.

SAF will use these testimonies and letters when meeting with congressional offices, agencies, and other organizations. We encourage SAF units and individuals to use these recommendations to development their own support letters and as guides when contacting their representatives. Stay tuned for more resources and advice. 

To read the full testimonies, see below.  
House Testimony
(Adobe PDF File)
Senate Testimony
(Adobe PDF File)