SAF’s Book Publishing Program

In addition to our scientific journals, the Society of American Foresters also publishes books, including anthologies, peer-reviewed handbooks, field guides, and more creative works such as our Future Foresters Coloring and Activity Book. Titles published as part of our books program are of primary interest to individuals and institutions under the forestry umbrella, but also of parallel interest to related fields.

Reasons to Publish Your Book with SAF

  1. A Leading Voice: We’ll get you a seat at the table. SAF is a leader in the field of forestry, and publishing with us will help your message to reach the widest possible audience.
  2. A Trusted Name: SAF was founded in 1900. Over the past 117+ years, we’ve demonstrated excellence in this field, and are a trusted name. We’ll use that credibility to lend promise to your work for our mutual benefit and for the benefit of our audience.
  3. You Can Support Your Field: What better way to give back to your field than to lend your voice to its future? Publishing a book with SAF means that your work will echo with relevance in support of the field you love for years to come.
  4. Marketing for YOU: We’re tied in with over 12,000 members and hundreds of academic institutions and libraries. Rest assured, we’ll make sure your work is well positioned in the market for maximum impact.
  5. With You Every Step of the Way. Publish with a big publisher and you may feel like a tiny fish in an enormous pond. But publish with SAF and we’ll be with you every step of the way, from concept development through to publication and beyond. We’re more than a publisher; we’re a partner.


The Process

Individuals seeking to publish a book title with SAF will find the process to be simple, streamlined, and efficient. An outline of our process in brief is presented below.

  1. Submit your proposal form to our publications department
  2. Your proposal will be evaluated for both editorial viability and marketing potential.
  3. If your proposal demonstrates both editorial and marketing potential, we will extend a contract to you, develop a suitable publication schedule, and outline the total effort required to publish the work.
  4. Upon publication, SAF will market your work. The title will likely be sold in SAF’s online store, at our annual convention, and promoted to groups and institutions outside of SAF as part of our comarketing program.

It’s as simple as that.


What We Publish

SAF considers proposals for handbooks, textbooks, field guides, practice manuals, anthologies, and other works of timely interest to our key constituents. SAF is open to working with new and emerging authors as long as the author’s demonstrated competence and a mastery of the subject area is evident.


Contact our Publications Department prior to submitting a proposal if you have any questions.

Book Proposal Form
(Adobe PDF File)