SAF Proudly Supports Jim Hubbard's Nomination 

April 24, 2018

The Society of American Foresters is proud to support SAF member Jim Hubbard's nomination to Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment. 

"Jim’s background, experience, and understanding of forests and the important role these lands play – from providing clean air and water, places to recreate, hike, hunt, and fish, habitat for fish and wildlife, jobs in rural America, to products we use every day – make him the right person for the job. He understands the Forest Service, and the many challenges facing the agency. He understands the importance of the National Forests to local economies and the environment, and is committed to creating jobs in hard pressed rural communities. He understands the role of private forest lands in meeting the nation’s environmental, social, and economic goals. In short, he is uniquely qualified to lead USDA’s efforts to conserve, protect, and manage all of our forest resources."

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