2019 Student Poster and Presentation Awards

November 12, 2019

The SAF Forest Science & Technology Board (FS&TB) sponsors a student competition each year at the SAF National Convention to encourage presentation and dissemination of undergraduate and graduate research results. Cash prizes are made available through generous contributions to the Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund. The FS&TB is pleased to announce the following winners. Thank you to everyone who participated. 

Sixty-two posters were entered in the competition, with awards presented as follows:

1st Place: A Novel Use of Immunomarking for Studying the Dispersal of Woodboring Beetles
Primary Author: Scott Gula, Purdue University

2nd Place: Impacts of Increasing Fuel Loads on Acorn Germination and Early Establishment of Oak Seedlings
Primary Author: Rachel Nation, Mississippi State University

3rd Place: Functional Morphology and Physiology of Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata Mill) Fire-Adapted Traits
Primary Author: Bridget Blood, Clemson University

Forty-two students participated in the competition, with awards presented as follows:

1st Place: Effects of Basal Area and Climate on Wood Density of Southwestern U.S. Ponderosa Pine
Primary Author: Damon Vaughan, Northern Arizona University

2nd Place: The Applicability of Recreational-Grade GNSS Receiver (GPS watch, Suunto Ambit Peak3) in Forestry
Primary Author: Taeyoon Lee, University of Georgia

3rd Place: Biometrics and Silvopasture: Analyzing the Growth and Yield of Agroforestry Systems In Response to Tree Density
Primary Author: Kenneth Dunn, North Carolina State University