New Anti-Harassment Policy 

June 10, 2019 

At its very core, SAF is a community. Within this community, we strive to create a culture that fosters the respectful exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences from a diverse range of members, partner organizations, and other stakeholders.

The Diversity and Inclusion Policy (2017) formally announced our commitment to “diversity and inclusion in our leadership, membership, programs, and activities” and our intent to “promote an environment designed to embrace our differences in which all community members are welcomed and valued.” 

Building and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive SAF culture demands that harassment of any kind must not be tolerated. The SAF Anti-Harassment Policy is a key step in communicating the values of SAF and in promoting professional conduct and accountability across the profession. All employees, sponsors, volunteers, vendors, and guests are subject to the Anti-Harassment Policy and may face consequences for violations. In addition, SAF members are subject to the Code of Ethics and its sanctions.

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