Sneak Peek: The Forestry Source, July 

June 25, 2019 

What's hot in The Forestry Source this month? Enjoy this sneak peek of the July special edition. Missing out on this great publication? Join SAF!  

Special Edition on Recreation
This special edition on recreation features a pack-load of articles and essays on the topic, including a Q&A with Michiko Martin, the US Forest Service’s director of recreation, heritage, and volunteer resources, who talks about the agency’s efforts to maintain and perhaps improve its offerings of recreational opportunities. That article is followed by “Recreation as Shared Stewardship,” written by Martin and three of her colleagues, and an essay by Steve Selin on this page, “Implementing Sustainable Recreation on the National Forest System: Aligning the Reality and Promise,” which first appeared in 193 Million Acres: Toward a Healthier and More Resilient US Forest Service, a book published by SAF in 2018. Other recreation coverage includes a look at how Weyerhaeuser, Port Blakely, and Hancock Natural Resource Group are managing recreation on their lands; “Training the Next Generation of Recreation Leaders,” which examines educational programs at West Virginia University and the University of Maine; and an article on the Student Conservation Association Integrated Fire and Recreation Internship program. You’ll also read about how mule teams helped build a boardwalk on the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan.

Presidential Field Foresters
SAF will honor one member from each of the 11 SAF voting districts with the Presidential Field Forester Award at the 2019 SAF National Convention, to be held October 30–November 3 in Louisville, Kentucky. The award recognizes foresters who have dedicated their professional careers to the application of forestry on the ground using sound, scientific methods and adaptive management strategies. See page 17 for the 2019 awards winners.

SAF Chapter Resources
Several SAF initiatives over the past two years have endeavored to increase the diversity and inclusion (D&I) of our membership and the forestry and natural-resources profession. Building on a D&I session included at its 2018 annual meeting, Ohio SAF presented an R.I.P. Uniformity (Respect, Identity, Privilege) workshop at its winter annual meeting this year. See page 20.

BC Curtailments
At this writing in mid-June, at least 20 mills in British Columbia have announced shutdowns or curtailments in the last two months, according to Random Lengths and other sources. For example, on June 11, Random Lengths reported that “Canfor Corporation announced June 10 it will be curtailing operations at all British Columbia sawmills, except WynnWood.” For more on this and other forest-products industry news See page 24.