Take the Survey on the Certified Forester Program  

October 9, 2019 

The Board of Directors of the Society of American Foresters is dedicated to supporting the profession of forestry and the promotion of programs within the Society. To that end, the Board of Directors Audit Committee elected to review the Certified Forester Program via an audit process. The program audit subcommittee was formed in December 2018 to review the success of the Certified Forester Program.  

Please take a moment to respond to the Certified Forester Program Survey by November 15. 

The Forester Certification program was developed in 1987 and instituted in 1994 to: 
Serve as the competency and credentialing standard for foresters 
Recognize a forester’s education, professional experience, and commitment to professional experience, and commitment to the ongoing pursuit of knowledge 
Promote continuing education in forestry and associated disciplines, and 
Increase public awareness of the forestry professional 

The subcommittee’s goal is to find out how well the program has been working. As part of the comprehensive process to understand the foundation and effectiveness of the Certified Forester Program, we want to learn from you. With your help the subcommittee will be able to report to the SAF Board of Directors how well the program has achieved its mission.  

Click here for the Certified Forester Program Survey.