Get Involved: Join Working Group Virtual Meetups

November 5, 2020

The SAF Forest Science & Technology Board (FS&TB) usually hosts a Working Group Meetup at the national convention. This year, however, Meetups will be held after convention in a virtual format on November 13 and 19. 

Working groups are communities of interest and practice where SAF members can connect and share information relevant to their endeavors. All SAF members are welcome to participate in a Meetup.

If you don't hear from your leaders or you aren't currently in a Working Group, reach out to FS&TB Chair Nan Pond ( to make sure you can take part!

This year's Working Group Meetups are as follows:

    • Friday, November 13th at 4pm eastern/3pm central/2pm mountain/1pm Pacific time.
      • A1 – Inventory and Biometrics
      • B2 – Urban and Community Forestry
      • E1 – Economics, Policy and Law
      • F5 – Philosophy and History
    • Thursday, November 19th at 6 pm eastern/5 pm central/4 pm mountain/3 pm Pacific time
      • A2 – Forest Technology
      • B3 – International Forestry
      • B4- Agroforestry
      • C1 – Forest Ecology
      • D1 – Forest Health and Genetics
      • F2 – Recreation and Wilderness Management
      • F3 – Diversity and Inclusion