SAF Headquarters Sold 

April 30, 2020

Message from SAF CEO Terry Baker 

SAF is pleased to announce that we have sold the current headquarters building in Bethesda, Maryland and will be relocating later this year to a space in the Washington, DC area. The process to explore options and sell the building began long before I joined SAF as the CEO. Many current and former staff, Board members, and contractors devoted countless hours along the way. I give my thanks to those who made difficult decisions and laid the groundwork for us to be in this position. 

I firmly believe that this is the best decision for the future health and success of the organization. While the Gifford Pinchot Building has served as a unique home for SAF since 1972, current and future organizational goals and staff needs will be better served in a new location. Relocating allows us to spend only a fraction of what would have been needed to update our current space to modern building codes and regulations. Moving forward, this allows us to invest in our staff and the services we provide to members. In addition, we will focus our search on being closer to our partner organizations to better leverage efforts to support forestry and natural resource professionals. We also see this as an opportunity to be more accessible to members and decision makers visiting the Washington, DC area by prioritizing proximity to the airport and public transportation.

The pandemic certainly complicates the next steps, but the Board and I are moving forward with selecting a new location that best suits the organization’s needs. Please keep an eye on our website, the E-Forester, and our social media channels for the latest information on our progress and any program updates. 

We represent a profession that manages change within dynamic systems. With planning and attention, this change will bring forth the potential of the seeds planted. Thank you in advance for your patience and support during this transition. There’s still much work to be done, but we are excited for this next chapter to begin.

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