SAF's New Headquarters

August 20, 2020

Message from SAF CEO Terry Baker

I am excited to announce that the SAF Board of Directors has approved my proposal for a new headquarters location. We have entered into a lease at 2121 K ST NW, Washington, DC. This location will put us near many of our partner organizations. In fact, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative leases space in the same office building. This proximity creates improved opportunities for collaboration. It also makes SAF more accessible to industry leaders visiting our nation’s capital for board meetings or engaging policymakers on issues impacting our sector. While navigating the pandemic, my plan is that we will be operational in our new office on October 1.

Following the announcement of the Pinchot Building sale, I have received questions and recommendations related to our handling of the sale proceeds. I am happy to share that at our August meeting, the Board of Directors approved my recommendation to invest $1.95 million into a separate fund. The difference between the $2.25 million sale price and the investment amount accounts for our closing costs and relocation expenses. This investment will be managed to generate interest earnings to support paying our lease costs as well as growing the principal. We recognize the importance of converting our physical asset to cash. Be it lease or purchase, these funds will be managed to serve SAF long-term for office space.

We are working to ensure the least disruption of service to you during this transition. We will reach out to in advance to let you know of any unavoidable disruption and to let you know when to begin using our new address. For more information about the building sale and relocation, please visit our FAQs, which we continue to update.

Be safe and we look forward to the opportunity when you can visit us in the new headquarters!

Click Here to Download the FAQs