Coalition Letter Spotlights Forest Products Supply Chain Issues and Solutions

August 6, 2021

SAF joined over 50 organizations in a letter to President Biden highlighting forest products workforce and supply chain issues and the importance that several pieces of bipartisan legislation can play in helping resolve these issues.


“Maintaining an efficient wood supply chain process is critical for the viability of the forest products sector and the overall health of public and private forestlands in the US. It is well-documented that a strong relationship exists between healthy markets and healthy forests. The main threat to maintaining healthy forests is the wood supply chain’s growing labor shortage, which is a national issue in scope. The impacts of this shortage are affecting stakeholders ranging from small, family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The lack of labor throughout our industry could have dire implications for the entire supply chain and have a negative impact on meeting the nation’s demand for wood and paper products. Consequently, each part of the supply chain is striving to find workforce solutions.”

Legislative Solutions: 

Download and share the full coalition letter.