Recommendations to the Biden Administration

January 13, 2021

SAF recently sent a memo to the Biden transition team highlighting the importance of forestry and forestry professional to meeting priorities of the Biden Administration. In addition to the issues outlined, SAF will continue to support our partners in their efforts to lead on challenges related to other aspects of the sector. Below is an except.

"Foresters represent the original “green job”—studying, managing, and protecting our nation’s forest resources for generations to come. Forestry professionals can assist the Biden Administration in more fully realizing the environmental, economic, and social benefits of forests. 

The time is ripe to embrace forest management and forest products as powerful tools to fight climate change and drive economic recovery and growth. With science-based, professional management, the power of our nation’s forests to sequester and store carbon, while producing climate-friendly products, is unmatched by any other sector, land use, or clean technology. Boldly supporting current and emerging markets (e.g., mass timber and wood construction, biomass energy, cellulosic nanomaterials, fossil fuel replacements, carbon credits, biochar, and more) will not only reduce carbon emissions and accelerate carbon sequestration but also reinvigorate rural economies, provide new jobs, fund critical restoration work, and help keep more forests as forests. At the same time, shifting priorities and resources to activities that boost forest health and resilience, including fuels management and prescribed fire, will help mitigate and prevent catastrophic wildfires.

SAF and its members will serve as resources and allies in your efforts moving forward."

Click here to download and share the full memo.