New Position Statement: Forest Products Industries and Markets 

January 4, 2021 

SAF’s Board of Directors recently approved a new position statement, “Forest Products Industries and Markets," drafted by the Committee on Forest Policy. Though forest products industries and related markets are intertwined with professional forestry, SAF has not had a contemporary position statement describing this important symbiosis. According to lead author Larry Leefers, this position statement provides an explicit role for SAF in forming and guiding those policies and programs. Excerpt below.

Support policies, programs, and investments in the United States’ forest products industries and markets that will increase long-term sustainable production for US forest products. 


Policies, programs, and investments in the US forest products markets, industries, and related supply chains. 


The Society of American Foresters (SAF) supports policies, programs, funding initiatives, and actions that enhance the productivity and competitiveness of forest products industries in the United States. Markets for forest products are critical for sustainably managing America’s rural and urban forests and meeting the demands of society. The demand for forest products, processed through various industries, provides an economic incentive for the sustainable management of private forests and influences management direction on public forests. Without vibrant forest products industries and markets, forest management would decline, as would the condition of our forests and associated natural resources and ecosystem services. Forest products industries rely on sustainably sourced wood and fiber, and they also rely on a positive business environment.

SAF encourages members and stakeholders to read, share, and use this and other National Position Statements when developing local unit statements, public comments and letters, talking points, and any other outreach opportunities.

Download and share the full statement.