SAF Supports Launch of ‘Walk in the Woods’ Communications Program

May 15, 2017

On May 10, the North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) launched the website and social media channels of its ‘Walk in the Woods’ communications program. With this program, NAFP will deliver the virtual equivalent of a guided walk in the woods, a rich, curated experience and invitation, meeting audiences where they are, answering key questions, engaging knowledgeable experts from across the sector, and connecting people with credible guides and compelling content. 

SAF is a charter member of the NAFP. NAFP members are central to ‘Walk in the Woods’ because the program will celebrate the accomplishments and innovations of NAFP members. In addition, Walk in the Woods will feature curated content produced by members as well as others in the forest sector, and will provide a platform to engage the public in conversation about the future of our forests. 

There are numerous ways SAF members can support the launch of Walk in the Woods. To learn more, check out the Walk in the Woods website, or follow it on Facebook and Twitter, and become part of the conversation by sharing your stories.