National Diversity and Inclusion Policy Affirms SAF's Commitment

July 10, 2017

The SAF Board or Directors recently approved SAF’s first national policy specifically focused on diversity and inclusion. The policy affirms that SAF values all types of diversity–from one’s alma mater, to their chosen career within the broad field of forestry, to gender, ethnicity, and cultural diversity.
The policy was developed through a collaborative process that incorporated ideas received from SAF members and prospective members from around the country. 

The policy is the latest in a series of actions intended to promote diversity and inclusion in SAF and the forestry profession. Read the policy and find out about other actions already taken and what you can do to advance diversity and inclusion so the forestry profession can better serve society. For more information, click here.

Read what the SAF leadership wrote about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the July issue of The Forestry Source by clicking here.