Recipients of the 2016 Presidential Field Forester Awards Announced

The recipients of the 2016 Presidential Field Forester Awards have been announced. The awards recognize foresters who have dedicated their professional careers to the application of forestry on the ground using sound, scientific methods and adaptive management strategies. The awards are presented to individuals who have displayed uncommon talent, skill, and innovative methods to achieve a record of excellence in the application of forest management.

Due to regional differences in both application intensity and regulations affecting forestry operations, the award recipients are selected on a regional basis. The following 2016 Presidential Field Forester Award recipients will be recognized at the 2016 SAF National Convention, to be held Nov. 2-6 in Madison, WI:
      Gene Becker; Duluth, MN (Voting District 5)
      Gary Burns; Crockett, TX (Voting District 11)
      Allen Chrisman; Kalispell, MT (Voting District 4)
      Emery Gluck; Lebanon, CT (Voting District 6)
      Thomas Hanson; Kirkland, WA (Voting District 1)
      Trixy Moser; Sutherlin, OR (Voting District 2)
      Steven Rasmussen; Wayne, NE (Voting District 9)
      J. Roach; Fernandina Beach, FL (Voting District 10)
      Douglas Tavella; Newton, NJ (Voting District 7)
      Bruce White; Raleigh, NC (Voting District 8)
      Robert York; Georgetown, CA (Voting District 3)

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