Poster Submission

Submissions relating to the convention theme are encouraged, although submissions are welcomed on the many facets of forestry, including certification, climate change, consulting, education and communication, genetics, physiology, history, international forestry, inventory and biometrics, recreation, wilderness, utilization and engineering, and wildlife & fisheries ecology and management.

Abstract Submission Deadline – September 30, 2017. Submit Your Poster Now

Abstracts will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • Clarity: the thought, expression, concept should be reasonable and comprehensible.
  • Scientific approach: including definition of the problem, hypothesis, methodology, application, results, analysis.
  • Practice of Forestry: should bridge the gap between science and decision-making in the field of forest management.
  • Originality: should report preliminary or novel results on limited data sets or applications of existing methodologies to new areas.

  • All submissions must meet Criterion 1 and should meet one of the other three. Posters announcing meetings or designed primarily as advertisements for publications or products will not be accepted.

    The title and primary author of abstracts selected to be part of the program will be published as part of a special Journal of Forestry Convention Proceedings. If you do not wish your abstract to be submitted for publication, contact the SAF Director of Science and Education at or 866-897-8720.

    Authors are encouraged to submit a full paper to the Journal of Forestry or Forest Science. Paper submissions will follow the submission and review guidelines prescribed by each journal’s Editorial Policy. The publication of an accepted abstract in the January 2018 Journal of Forestry does not guarantee future publication of the full article.

    Each Symposium is an organized group of posters around a specific topic and displayed together in the poster area in the Exhibit Hall. Each poster author is assigned a specific time to summarize the poster and participate in a moderated question and answer session.