Abstract Submissions for Oral and Panel Presentations

Abstract Submission Deadline – Now Closed

To submit a presentation abstract, please visit the abstract submission site. To submit an organized session proposal, see the guidelines below.

Submissions relating to the convention theme are encouraged. However, submissions are welcomed on any of the facets of forestry, including certification, climate change, consulting, education and communication, genetics, physiology, history, international forestry, inventory and biometrics, recreation, wilderness, utilization and engineering, and wildlife & fisheries ecology and management, among others.

The number of submissions that can be accepted for the program will be limited by the number of rooms available and the number of time slots scheduled. Abstracts will be reviewed against the following criteria: 

Review Criteria

  1. Clarity: the thought, expression, and concept should be comprehensible.
  2. Scientific approach: including definition of the problem, hypothesis, methodology, application, results, and analysis.
  3. Practice of forestry: should bridge the gap between science and decision making in the field of forest management.
  4. Originality: should report preliminary or novel results on limited data sets or applications of existing methodologies to new areas.

All submissions must meet Criterion 1. Submissions must meet at least one of the other three criteria to be judged as potentially appealing to a large number of attendees and contributing significantly to professional development. Abstracts selected to be part of the program will be published as part of a special Journal of Forestry Convention Proceedings. By submitting an abstract you confer permission for SAF to publish this material, although copyright remains with the authors.

All authors are encouraged to submit a full paper to the Journal of Forestry or Forest Science. Paper submissions will follow the submission and review guidelines prescribed by each journal’s Editorial Policy. The publication of an accepted conference abstract in the January 2018 Journal of Forestry does not guarantee future publication of the full article.

Organized Session Proposals

If you wish to submit a proposal for an organized session(s)  – a group of invited speakers on a particular topic/theme – visit here, select "Abstract Submission," and follow this process:

  • Select the track to which you want to submit
  • Submit an abstract for the panel.
    • Put the title of the session/panel in the title box.
    • In the "Presentation Description" box, write a summary of the panel that can appear in the online program.
    • In the "Full Abstract" description box, please follow this example: "This is a panel presentation proposed by X Working Group or name of individual. The panel will discuss …….We are requesting X 90 minute sessions. (However much time you would like in 30 minute increments) The speakers are: A- title of the talk, B – title of the talk, C – title of the talk, etc.  If you don’t know the titles, give a general idea.
    • In the Working Group or Lead Coordinator box, put your name (or whoever is the lead)
    • In the Session Title box, put the title of the session/panel
  • Each speaker must then submit his/her own abstract to the same track, with the title of the talk, description, etc.  (Please note, each individual author will need to create an author profile in order to submit individual abstracts.)
    • In the Working Group or Lead Coordinator box, they should put your name (or whoever is the lead).
    • In the Session Title box, they should put the title of the session/panel. (Preferably the same one as you submitted!)
    • This way when we download the abstracts, we will know which talks belong to your session.