People, policy, & Popcorn

People, Policy, and Popcorn encourages audience members to participate in dynamic discussions among leaders in the profession about the current issues, policies, and opportunities related to forests and their management.

Critical Critters: Creating Conditions for Success

Thursday, October 4 • 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm

Forests are important habitat for flora and fauna including species at risk. How do we manage to create thriving habitat, work with agencies to develop strategies to protect species and benefit the entire system, and comply with the legal requirements to mitigate risks? Featuring representatives from landowners to lawyers, this session will explain the various opportunities and challenges that come with managing forests and planning for the future in landscapes which feature threatened, potentially threatened, or endangered species. They will be joined by representatives from federal agencies and nonprofit organizations explaining the importance of science, metrics, and data in developing broader understanding of the important role of managed forests, and plans that benefit all plants and animals residing in these forests.

Decision Dynamics: Getting Beyond the Legal Language of Decisions 

Friday, October 5 • 9:30 am – 10:30 am

On occasion, the processes and methods used by judges in deciding cases, and attorneys in pursuing a preferred outcome, are misunderstood. This discussion will feature those who have worked in federal judge’s chambers and in federal courts as they help unravel how natural resource issues are deliberated. Examining the legal processes and methods involved will help natural resources managers better understand how people who often do not have natural resource backgrounds make important decisions about the future of those resources.

Sharing the Passion for This Profession: Competing for the Next Generation of Leaders 

Friday, October 5 • 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm

Shifting demographics, increased urbanization, and research that shows people are less connected to, and are spending less time in the outdoors, all present challenges as universities and employers seek to reach the most talented candidates to be the next generation of leaders in natural resources. Speakers from the public and private sector; universities, and non-profits will discuss how to create welcoming and inclusive environments that encourage diversity of thought, experience, and opinion; talk about how the science, technology, engineering, and math aspects of these careers are often misunderstood, and how we collectively raise the profile of these professions as demands for goods and service increase and resource scarcity becomes more of a concern.

Conversation with the Chief: USFS People and Programs

Friday, October 5 • 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

In a conversation facilitated by SAF Interim CEO John Barnwell, Chief Christiansen will reflect on her first six months in the role of Chief, outline where she sees the agency heading now and in the future and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities she identifies for the agency. These comments will be followed by questions and an opportunity for dialogue with attendees.