SAF National Convention 

Louisville, Kentucky • October 30-November 3, 2019

Goods from the Woods

From cellulosic nanotech to cross-laminated timbers and mass plywood, wood-based products are rapidly evolving and impacting our lives for the better. Today, in light of increasing global demands for wood fiber, as well as the ongoing loss of fiber to insects, disease, and wildfire, the role of foresters in managing the nation’s forest resources has never been more important. Simultaneously, multiple social demands for ecosystem services from forested landscapes oblige multiple professions to interweave goals and objectives. The 2019 SAF Convention will highlight mega trends such as advanced wood materials and tall wooden buildings while acknowledging the legacy of American wood use in music, food, shelter, and culture, and explore new knowledge about forest connections with human health and safety. We hope you will leave Convention with a renewed appreciation for how forestry and our affiliated professions are driving the world’s transition toward a sustainable de-carboned economy.