1928Evolution of Southeastern Section in 1928 as a unit to the national SAF with Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and coastal South Carolina as the member states to Georgia, Alabama and Florida in 1949.
1949Georgia Chapter is established with sub-chapters as the local units.
1949Chronological history of officers and meeting agendas starting in 1949 through 1999.
1949Statistics: 1949-1999 1) # of acres of forest, agricultural, and urban/suburban land. 2) number of forest industries. 3) volume of timber from nearest year forest survey. 4) registered foresters
1949Georgia Forestry Commission role in forestry and Georgia History Division 1949-1999.
1949Georgia Forestry Association role in forestry and Georgia History Division 1949-1999.
1949Position statements of Southeastern and Georgia Division from 1949-1999.
1949Early issues with Forestry in Georgia as evidenced by correspondence of chapter leaders, fires in Okeefenokee Swamp, 1954 and 1955, Soil Bank reforestation. 1949-1960.
1951Establishment of Georgia Board of Registration for Foresters.
1966Florida leaves Southeastern to become a State Society.
1972Georgia Division is established with chapters as basic local unit.
1980Georgia Division begins to support Project Learning Tree.
1989Forestry Youth Camp is reestablished by Georgia Division.
1990Red Cockaded Woodpecker suit and judgement at Fort Benning. Pine Mountain Chapter donates $1000 to defense fund of three foresters in the suit.
1996Florida rejoins Southeastern State Society.
1990Issues concerning ethics results in rewrite of SAF Canons. Georgia Division holds meetings to gather input through the decade.
1999Georgia Division supports publishing of a CD on Georgia Forestry as an education tool.