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Recruitment Resources

Do you have a network of potential members you'd like to invite to be SAF members, but aren't sure how to approach them or what information to provide?

See below for information and tips on how to recruit new members: 
  • Download our Guide for Recruiting New Members for detailed recruitment tips and sample scripts to use when connecting with prospective members. 
  • Identify the best prospects: Review your network of professional colleagues and identify who might benefit from SAF membership.
  • Know the benefits of membership: Review the membership pages to provide prospects with more information about SAF and membership benefits.
  • Give examples: Provide your colleagues with examples of how your SAF membership has benefited you both personally and professionally. A positive testimonial is a great recruitment tool.
  • Keep membership materials handy: Print out copies of the paper membership application to distribute at your next event and keep on hand at the office.
  • Invite prospective members to upcoming events.
  • Invite new members to join online: Ask them to join easily online by going to Remind them to enter your information as their “Sponsor” during the join process.
  • Follow up: Check back in a few weeks to see if they have joined and ask if they have any questions.

Not sure if a colleague is a current SAF member? Check the SAF Member Directory before you begin a conversation about membership.

If you aren’t comfortable reaching out on your own, let SAF do the work for you. Email [email protected] the contact information of your prospective members and we will reach out on your behalf.

Member Recruitment Campaign 

As a part of our latest membership recruitment campaign entitled "Together We Rise," SAF is encouraging current members to share testimonials (written and video) on what SAF means to them. The campaign highlights how our members rise and grow together, network within the forestry and natural resources profession, and how each learn from one another along their professional paths. See below for a glimpse at our campaign toolkit and for a link to view members' "SAF Moments!"
  • Download our Recruitment HandoutUse this 1-pager of member testimonials with prospective members and share 5 reasons of many to be a member of SAF.
  • Watch SAF MomentsVisit the "Together We Rise" YouTube playlist to hear members' "SAF Moments" and learn their SAF stories. 
  • View a Letter of Encouragement from President Kodama: Read the kick-off letter from 2021 SAF President Gene Kodama as he encourages current members to use their stories to grow SAF and the forestry and natural resources profession as a whole.
  • Download our Guide for Recruiting New Members for detailed recruitment tips and sample scripts to use when connecting with prospective members. 
Do you have an SAF story to share? Contact us at [email protected] to share your testimonial and become a face of SAF!
*Rules and regulations are subject to change at any time and without notice. Please email [email protected] with questions.