Position Statements

SAF's national position statements are important components of our advocacy and outreach efforts. They serve as a foundation to guide our actions on particular issues and act as a catalyst to further dialogue and engagement with policymakers, the media, partner organizations, and SAF units.

Promoting Policies Informed by Science and Practice

Forest Management, Carbon, and Climate Change
Roads in Managed Forests
Wildland Fire Management 
Herbicide Use on Forestlands
State Policies Regarding Private Forest Practices
Clearcutting as a Silvicultural Practice
Timber Harvesting on State, Federal, and Other Public Forest Lands
Nonnative Invasive Forest Species
Regulation of Genetically Modified Trees
Forest Sector Research and Development
Use of Prescribed Fire in Forest Management

Keeping Forests as Forests

Federal and State Tax Treatment of Private Forestland  
Parcelization, Fragmentation, and the Loss of Private Forestland in the United States
Forest Inventory and Analysis Program

Highlighting the Diverse Benefits of Managed Forests

Biological Diversity in Forest Ecosystems
Forest Offset Projects in a Carbon Trading System
Strengthening Community Forestry and Urban Tree Management for Multiple Benefits
Utilization of Woody Biomass for Energy
Protecting Endangered Species Habitat on Private Land
Forest Water Resources
Recreation and Managed Forestlands

Advancing the Profession

State Programs to Credential Foresters
Professionals in Natural Resource Management

*Position statements are proposed and developed by the Committee on Forest Policy, relevant SAF working groups, and the SAF Board of Directors. The absence of a statement on a particular issue does not imply lack of interest, expertise, or involvement.