Journal of Forestry: Special Issue - September 2017
Journal of Forestry: Special Issue - September 2017
Tribal Lands Forestry

Pre-order your special edition of the September Journal of Forestry dedicated to forestry in tribal lands. Edited by Dr. Michael Dockery, 2016 SAF National Convention plenary speaker. Michael, a Citizen Potawatomi Nation member, is a research natural resource specialist with the US Forest Service Northern Research Station.

This comprehensive issue will feature the last research on tribal approaches to forestry including these articles:

• Introduction-A Special Issue of the Journal of Forestry—Tribal Forest Management: Innovations for Sustainable Forest Management
• Returning Fire to the Land—Celebrating Traditional Knowledge and Fire
• Our Trust Walk Continues - Steps of Respect then Restore - Towards Our Sustainable Survivance
• Working Together to Implement the Tribal Forest Protection Act of 2004: Partnerships for Today and Tomorrow
• Anchor Forests and Tribal Lifeways to Improve Ecosystem Resilience and Maintain Working Forests
• Incidence of Ponderosa Pine with Latent Southwestern Dwarf Mistletoe Infections Following Stand Improvement on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, New Mexico
• The Klamath Tribes--Managing their Homeland Forests in Partnership with the US Forest Service
• Working to Address Complex Forest Issues: A Collaborative Case Study between the Mescalero Apache Nation and United States Forest Service
• Wabanaki Youth in Science (WaYS): A Tribal Mentoring and Educational Program Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Western Science
• Prioritizing Young Western White Pine Stands for Blister Rust Pruning on the Warm Springs Reservation
• Our Nations' Forests Need America's First Stewards
• Looking to the past and present for the future: a heritage-based programmatic agreement between Tribes and the National Forests of Arkansas and Oklahoma
• A Mono Harvest of California Black Oak Acorns (Picture the Past)
• Promoting red elm (Ulmus rubra Muhl.) germination with gibberellic acid
• The Precarious State of a Cultural Keystone Species: Tribal and Biological Assessments of the Role and Future of Black Ash
• Indian Forests and Forestry: Can they play a larger role in Sustainable Forest Management?
• Working across cultures to protect Native American natural and cultural resources from invasive species in California
• Tribal Lands Provide Forest Management Laboratory for Mainstream University Students
• Yield potential and value of high quality sugar maple (Acer saccharum) trees on the Menominee Reservation
• Managing California Black Oak for Tribal Eco-cultural Restoration
• Native American Student Perspectives of Challenges in Natural Resource Higher Education
• A Nutrition-based Approach for Elk Habitat Management on Intensively Managed Forestlands
• Menominee forest management: Past, present, future
• The Perceived Value of Native American Wooden Gift Products with or without a Certification Label by Groups of Potential Customers
• Are group opening outcomes consistent with the sustainability of managed northern hardwood forests? A case study of Menominee Nation lands

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