Arkansas Division Awards

Arkansas Foresters' Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is a function of and sponsored by the The Arkansas Division, Ouachita Society of American Foresters, hereinafter the Arkansas Division.

The objective, purpose, or intent of the Hall of Fame is to honor residents or former residents of Arkansas, living or deceased, who have made outstanding contributions to the forestry profession in Arkansas, other states, or internationally. It is the intent of the Arkansas Division that election to the Hall of Fame is the highest honor and recognition of professional service a foresters may receive in Arkansas.

More specifics regarding candidate qualifications and nomination procedures can be found in the Documents section of this website under "Operating Procedures - AR Foresters Hall of Fame"

Ted Chancy Career Forester Award

Recognizes a full, solid and meritorious career of outstanding contributions, exemplary actions, and diverse achievement by a forestry professional in the administration, practice, development, and advancement of forestry at the local, regional, and national level.

Dr. Timothy Ku Outstanding Educator Award

Recognizes outstanding performance and achievement in the field of forestry education, including devotion to the instruction of forestry; setting high professional and educational standards for students; demonstration of outstanding service to professional education; and development of teaching methods that are characterized by imparting competent knowledge through dynamic communication skills and creative techniques. Nominees must have ten years minimum of professional teaching experience.