Who Can Become a Member?

All forestry and natural resource management students and graduates are eligible for membership with SAF. Our members represent the entire spectrum of the forestry profession - nonprofit organizations, forest products industry, public lands, universities, and independent contractors. SAF is the collective voice and community for consultants, researchers, managers, field foresters, business owners, specialists, technicians, and more. Join our community today!

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Student Membership

Are you a full-time student, pursuing a degree in a forestry or natural resource management?

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Transitional Membership

Are you a recent graduate (up to five years post-graduation)?

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Platinum Membership

The perfect membership option for advanced professionals and Certified Foresters, those who crave print and online access to all SAF publications

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Gold Membership

A great membership option for managers and mid-level professionals, as well as those who wish to gain online access to all SAF publications

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Silver Membership

Base level membership for forestry and natural resource professionals. 

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As a professional forester working in the field, I encountered issues that I could not solve with my local expertise. Being a member of SAF allowed me to connect with others with similar issues.  I have stayed a member because we are all part of the bigger picture, and it's for the good of all."


Jeanette Griese, CF
Reforestation Services Supervisory Forester

I joined SAF as a student and found three things that I was looking for: role models, mentors, and jobs. I also found a community to help me formulate my land ethic, a safe forum to ask questions, and a foundation for understanding my profession. I use SAF in the same ways today as I did when I was a student.”

Dave Cass