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Forest Sector Research and Development 


Support increased forest sector innovation, research, and development investment, coordination, and capacity in the United States. 


Research and development conducted for the United States forest sector.


The Society of American Foresters (SAF) supports increased investment, coordination, and alignment of forest-sector research and development in the United States. Research is critical for enhancing the long-term productivity, health, utilization, and sustainability of the nation’s forest resources. Population growth, land use change, climate change, forest product markets, and invasive species have the potential to substantially alter forest landscapes. Strategic coordination and collaboration between research, grant funding, industry, and end-users is vital in setting research priorities and objectives. Innovation, coordination, and prioritization of research throughout the entire sector is paramount to maintaining global competitiveness, enhancing forest benefits, reducing risks, and promoting forest conservation and stewardship.    

Approved: April 2021

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