State Programs to Credential Foresters

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) promotes professional competency in the practice of scientifically sound and socially responsible forest management through five key elements: (1) professional forestry education, (2) examination, (3) professional experience, (4) continuing forestry education, and (5) adherence to a standard of professional practice. The SAF Certified Forester® (CF) is a national credential available to all professional foresters through a program embodying these five elements.  

SAF recognizes there is a wide range of forest types, environmental conditions and landowners’ objectives under which foresters operate, and variation in state laws and regulations that affect forest practices. Thus, SAF supports governments that administer and enforce forester credentials or licensing programs that meet or exceed our five key elements of professional standards. The CF program represents an established professional forester credential suitable for state adoption in implementing forester licensing and registration programs. The CF program should be an integral part of every state’s review of existing requirements and by states considering new licensing and registration requirements.

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