alabama division awards

2023 Call for Nominations (PDF)
Award Guidelines
We encourage you to nominate Alabama Division members for these prestigious awards that will be presented at the Alabama Division Annual Meeting in September 2022. Nominations for Outstanding Young Forester may be sent electronically to Joe Roberson at [email protected] . Nominations for Hall of Fame and Meritorious Service Award may be sent to Dick Brinker, Awards Committee Chair by the award submission deadline at [email protected] .

Foresters Hall of Fame


SAF Fellows currenting in Alabama Division.
Award YearName
2022Thomas V. Gallagher, CF
2022Dr. Callie J. Schweitzer
2022Ms. Catharine Wiswall
2016Dr. Daowei Zhang
2013Dr. Edward F. Loewenstein
2009Mr. Brian A. Bradley
2008Mr. Joe D. Roberson
2007Mr. H. Phillip Sasnett
2006Mark P. Elliott
2004George F. Brown, Jr
2004Lehman H. Bass
2002Rhett E. Johnson
2001Dr. Dick W. Brinker, CF
1990Mr. Frank E. Jones
1988Laurens K. Larson
1985Dr. George W. Bengtson
1985Mr. Robert E. Lee, III
1984Dr. Emmett F. Thompson

Golden Members

Members within the Alabama Division with at least 50 years of membership. 
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Data pager
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Mr. Thomas W. AlisonSoutheastern SAF-AL Division-Jubilee
Mr. Colin BagwellSoutheastern SAF-AL Division-Mountain Lakes
Mr. Boak BrantleySoutheastern SAF-AL Division-Cahaba
David R. Conway, JrSoutheastern SAF-AL Division-War Eagle
Mr. William N. CrosbySoutheastern SAF-AL Division-Jubilee
Mr. Arthur C. DyasSoutheastern SAF-AL Division-Jubilee
Dr. Thomas H. EllisSoutheastern SAF-AL Division-Jubilee
Mr. Jack P. FillinghamSoutheastern SAF-AL Division-Montgomery
Mr. Frederick FrengelSoutheastern SAF-AL Division-Cahaba
Dr. Dean H. GjerstadSoutheastern SAF-AL Division-War Eagle