State Societies

The heart of SAF is in the field and no one is closer to what's happening in the field than our local units. State Societies, Divisions, and Chapters are in every corner of North America — networking, learning, and influencing. 

Alaska SAF
Allegheny SAF 
   (Maryland; Delaware; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; and West Virginia)
Appalachian SAF 
   (North Carolina; South Carolina; and Virginia)
California SAF
Colorado-Wyoming SAF 
Dakotas SAF  
   (North Dakota and South Dakota)
Great Plains SAF 
   (Kansas and Nebraska)
Illinois SAF
Indiana SAF 
Inland Empire SAF 
   (Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington)
Intermountain SAF 
   (Southern Idaho; Nevada; Utah; and Western Wyoming)

Iowa SAF
Kentucky-Tennessee SAF
Louisiana SAF 
Michigan SAF
Minnesota SAF
Mississippi SAF

Missouri SAF  
Montana SAF
National Capital SAF 
   (Washington DC metro area)
New England SAF 
   (Maine; New Hampshire; Massachusetts; Rhode Island; Vermont; and Connecticut) 
New York SAF 
Ohio SAF 
Oregon SAF 
Ouachita SAF  
   (Arkansas and Oklahoma)
Southeastern SAF 
   (Alabama; Georgia; and Florida)
Southwestern SAF 
   (Arizona and New Mexico)
Texas SAF  
Washington State SAF
Wisconsin SAF 

The above list includes state societies with known websites or Facebook pages. To add or update your state society, please contact Member Services