SAF has national advisory committees that have been established by SAF’s Board of Directors to help lead the organization.

Committee members broadly represent SAF membership and are selected to ensure diversity of employment, background, and region for broad national representation. If you are interested in being involved in a committee, please send a letter of interest to Lori Rasor. SAF members in good standing are eligible for committee appointments.

Certification Review Board

The CRB develops, establishes, and maintains standards and procedures for individuals to become certified and recertifed under the Certified Forester program.


Committee on Accreditation

This committee evaluates and periodically reviews educational programs at colleges and universities across the country, and makes decisions concerning SAF's accreditation of such programs. Two positions are available for non-academic practitioners. Terms are three years. Contact Jocelyn Harris for information.

Committee on Forest Policy

This committee advises SAF’s Board of Directors on policy issues in forestry and natural resources. 

Committee on Forest Technology School Accreditation

This committee evaluates and periodically reviews forestry programs at technical schools throughout the United States and makes decisions concerning SAF's accreditation of such programs.  

Committee on National Convention Programs

This committee develops the program outline for the annual SAF National Convention, including the Call for Presentations. At-large positions are available for the 2023 committee. Students may apply.

Committee on Professional Recognition

This committee oversees the creation, evaluation, and issuance of national awards and the nomination submissions process. Two positions are available, one for a two-year term and one for a three-year term. For diversity, candidates encouraged from the Northwest, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions and industry, consulting and NGO sectors, but all will be considered. Students may apply.

Educational Policy Review Committee

This committee monitors all aspects of professional and technical forestry and natural resources education, including the SAF accreditation standards and procedures, and advises the Board of Directors on such matters. 

Ethics Committee

This Committee is responsible for hearing and investigating charges against SAF’s Code of Ethics. One five-year term slot is open. Seeking nominations from academic or state employment sector, although letters of interest from all individuals are welcome.

Forest Science and Technology Board

The FS&TB provides for the effective dissemination and use of forest sciences within the Society. 


National Nominating Committee

This committee oversees the call for nominations and supplements petitions with other nominations of persons eligible to hold elective office. Seeking nominations for three-year term.

Student Executive Committee

The SEC, composed of 11 student members, one from each SAF voting district, enhances the engagement of student members and organizes student activities during the national convention. Positions roll over annually with term from June 1 through May 31.

Other national-level volunteer opportunities not related to committees

Accreditation Visiting Teams: Visiting teams are not committees and thus do not have terms. Post-secondary natural resource educators with administrative experience and non-academic practitioner team members are selected for their interest, experience, training, and overall knowledge of assessment processes in professional settings. This is a limited time commitment. For information on what is involved, contact Jocelyn Harris .

Certification Exam Development: Opportunity for Certified Foresters to support the exam development and updating processes including review and develop exam questions to ensure a content-valid exam. Additional Certified Foresters are needed for other tasks such as the standard setting process, which informs the passing score of the exam, exam form reviews, exam blueprint updates and more. These commitments are for a limited duration. For additional information, contact Naomi Marcus.