Our Priorities

SAF is active and engaged on a wide variety of issues that impact both public and private forests, rural and urban environments, and all landscapes in between. Although specific topic areas may shift, SAF is committed to advancing policies and partnerships that support sustainable forest management and empower forestry and natural resources professionals. 

Advocating for the Profession

SAF is the only organization dedicated to representing the interests of the professionals who manage, study, and care for our public and private forest resources. Offering a unique, professional perspective to legislators, partners, and other decision makers, SAF strives to advance policies informed by science and practice and ensure that forestry and natural resources professionals are respected and afforded the tools they need to be effective.

Promoting the Benefits of Forests and Forest Management

Forests have long provided a multitude of benefits and ecosystem services to society. Yet, these essential resources, and the professionals who help maintain and enhance them, are largely overlooked and underappreciated. SAF is committed to bridging that gap and connecting policymakers and other leaders to the diverse opportunities forest management can provide to cities, suburbs, and rural communities alike. By incorporating forest management into strategies addressing our most pressing environmental and economic challenges, society can begin to appreciate the full value of forests and those dedicated to the profession.

Fostering Innovation and Scientific Progress

Maintaining and strengthening research capabilities and creating opportunities to expand knowledge and understanding are essential to building capacity and driving innovation. SAF is invested in continuous improvement in all facets of the profession and therefore is keen on policies aimed at keeping forests healthy and productive by providing support for research on emerging questions, new management techniques, and technologies that expand utilization opportunities.

Highlighting the Importance of Strong Markets

Recognizing that management of natural resources is not possible without markets, SAF encourages the development of policies to enhance existing markets and foster growth and development of new markets. This critical demand for wood products incentivizes forest management and slows the pace of forest conversion as landowners see greater value in keeping forests as forests.

Building Partnerships and Outreach Capacity

Much of SAF’s work to advocate for the profession involves collaborating with partner groups and coalitions to amplify our message and show broad and diverse support for sustainable forest management. Through these partnerships, we are able to leverage shared resources, bolster credibility, and reach a broader audience. SAF prides itself on bringing groups to the table and finding common ground amidst these diverse interests and perspectives. Not only do we work with other forestry groups, we also work hard to identify untapped partnerships and hope to build stronger relationships with other professional societies, wildlife groups, sporting associations, parks and recreation groups, and urban forestry leaders.