Forest Science and Technology Board

The Forest Science and Technology Board (FS&TB) provides the Society an effective means for the dissemination of forest sciences. 


  • Develop objectives for the implementation of science and technology programs and activities.

  • Establish working groups within subject areas as the need is evident. 

  • Provide guidelines for engagement for working groups to achieve their objectives in the dissemination and use of forest science

  • Work with state society science and technology coordinators to identify emerging issues and SAF membership needs in forest science and technology.

  • Recommend national award recipients for science-related awards and others at the direction of the Board of Directors.

  • Support the activities of the Committee on Forest Policy by identifying appropriate experts to aid in the review of issues and position statements.

  • Support and contribute to planning the SAF annual convention.

  • Provide leadership and administration for the Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund.

Board Composition

FS&TB is comprised of a chair and representatives of six subject areas: Resources Measurements; Forest Systems; Ecology and Biology; Management and Utilization; Decision Sciences; and Social and Related Sciences, and representatives of three geographic regions – Northeast, Southeast, and West.

Current FS&TB Members

Chair: Dr. Kristen Waring
Resource Measurements: Stephanie Patton
Forest Systems: Dr. Zhu Ning
Ecology and Biology: Justin Waskiewicz
Management and Utilization: Brad Shoemaker, CF
Decision Sciences: Dr. Robert Grala
Social and Related Sciences: Dr. Emily Huff
Northern: Dr. Tony D’Amato, CF
Southern: Dr. Jason Gordon
Western: Dr. Mark Kimsey