The House of Society Delegates (HSD) is the organizational body within SAF comprised of a delegate and alternate delegate from each state society, the chair of the national Student Executive Committee, and the chair and chair-elect of HSD.

Goals of HSD

A means to work in partnership with the Board of Directors and national office staff on professional affairs, and to forward forest policy issues for national office consideration.
A channel of communication between state societies, Student Executive Committee, SAF Board of Directors, and national office staff.
A forum for exchange and discussion of ideas and information to improve SAF and the forestry profession.

Purpose of HSD

Review and recommend priorities for the policies and programs of SAF, including new or proposed programs, and discuss the long-range goals of the Society.
Recommend proposals for making SAF more effective in carrying out its responsibilities to its members, the profession, and society.
Facilitate the exchange of information among local units.

HSD Success Stories & Issues and Actions

HSD delegates have an opportunity to share success stories and to bring issues and actions to the attention of HSD and national SAF leadership and staff at this year's HSD meeting that will be held prior to the national convention. Forms and guidance for 2024 will be posted soon, so be sure to check back.

State Society Success Stories Guidance
HSD serves as a forum for the exchange and discussion of ideas and information to improve SAF and the forestry profession at the national, state, chapter, and student chapter levels. HSD requests that state societies submit Success Stories to HSD so they can be shared with delegates and the SAF membership. To best meet the goal of communicating these stories effectively within SAF, please share your story in such a way that other societies could emulate the successes and learn from the shortcomings.

Presentation of success story: All success stories will be included in the HSD book that delegates receive prior to the annual meeting. Further, we plan to share these successes with a wider audience and encourage you to document your stories with photographs (or even a video) that can be used in publications and on websites, and/or on various social media platforms.

Issues and Actions
HSD meets each year to discuss challenges and opportunities important to state societies and our membership. To build an effective HSD meeting agenda, we are seeking SAF Issues and Actions from your state society. To best meet the goal of collaboration and discussion, please clearly define the SAF issue, provide background on the issue and why it is important to HSD members, and suggest actions to best address it. The submitting state society will briefly present their issue at the HSD meeting.