National Student Congress

The National Student Congress (NSC) is the organizational body within the Society formed exclusively for student chapter chairs to discuss SAF issues and actions, and solicit student issues. All students are invited to the National Student Assembly (NSA) to learn about issues and actions that may have a bearing on student members.


 The goals of the NSC are to:
  • Provide a way for students to help achieve the mission of the Society
  • Increase student participation in the Society
  • Provide representation of student members to the House of Society Delegates
  • Facilitate communication between student chapters and student members in the Society
  • Conduct programs and projects in the interest of the Society and forestry profession

Student Executive Committee

One student representative, from each voting district, serves on the Student Executive Committee (SEC). The SEC meets throughout the year to discuss issues and communicate those issues with student members. In addition, the SEC also assists with student activities during the SAF National Convention. The Chair of the SEC represents students during the House of Society Delegates meeting and as a non-voting member of the SAF Board of Directors.