Category 2 - Related Education

Activities and Conditions

Category 2 activities MUST satisfy ALL of the following conditions:
(1)     It is an organized program of learning conducted in a setting physically suitable to continuing forestry education objectives.
(2)    Speakers must be qualified to address their topics and be considered experts in their presentation subject by virtue of special education, training, and/or experience.  
(3)    The program content must be of a technical level and nature such that it supplements and builds upon the knowledge necessary to ensure professional competency and performance.  
(4)     The program content cannot be:
         •    specific to protocols of an individual organization, company, or agency;
         •    about organization-specific procedures and operations;
         •    employee training in organization-specific practices/policies.

However, attendance can be limited to individuals of a particular organization.

Topic of Program

•    Organized sessions not directly related to the Cat 1 Topics / Knowledge content areas
•    Organized sessions that meet the content area of Cat 1, but do not meet the required conditions
•    The content is clearly capable of improving the professional performance of the individual completing them


•    Computer science
•    OSHA or similar
•    Personnel management
•    Business/Marketing skills
•    First Aid/Logging safety
•    Logging/Pesticide equipment maintenance
•    General Agriculture
•    Wildlife, fisheries, and ornithology (when not related to forest management)

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