CCF/CF Related Course Work

For Education Requirement - Option #2.

A minimum of 56 credit hours is required with 51 credits in the following distribution with an additional 5 credit hours in any forestry-related coursework area.
The four subject matter areas are as follows:

a. Ecology and Forest Biology 

A minimum of 15 semester credit hours

  • Dendrology; forest vegetation, or plant taxonomy
  • Forest soils; or advanced soils (junior level or higher)
  • Forest ecology/ biology; silvics; wildlife biology/ecology; conservation biology; or wetland ecology
  • Forest entomology and pathology; integrated pest management
  • Fire ecology; or wildfire management

b. Measurement of Forest Resources

A minimum of 12 semester credit hours

  • Forest mensuration; forest resource measurements
  • Land surveying; photogrammetry/remote sensing; principles and applications of geographic information systems
  • Forest resource inventory; forest inventory design, sampling methods and analysis; statistics

c. Management of Forest Resources

A minimum of 15 semester credit hours

  • Silviculture; or advanced forest ecology (senior level or higher)
  • Forest resource management plans - design, development, implementation and analysis (timber, watershed, wildlife, recreation, endangered species - combinations - or urban forest applications)
  • Forest engineering; forest operations; timber/forest resource harvesting

d. Forest Resource Policy, Economics and Administration

A minimum of 9 semester credit hours

  • Forest/natural resource policy - policy development and administration, law and regulation development and implementation
  • Forest/natural resource economics - markets, human resources, finance, business management
  • Professional ethics; responsibility and integrity, standards of practice, client/public/professional relationships