Fellow Award

The Fellow Award is a prestigious award that recognizes an SAF member for long-standing service to forestry at the local, state, and national levels. The SAF Fellow is recognized as an ambassador for the advancement of forestry. Nominations are accepted from any SAF member in good standing. Awardees are recognized during their local state society meetings and during the SAF National Convention.


Individuals must be Professional Members in good standing.

Nominations cannot:

  • Include acts performed under contract to SAF, directly or indirectly, as volunteer activities.
  • Be a self-nomination.



Your nomination packet must include:

  • The nomination/consent form;
  • Three completed endorsement forms outlining the nominee's accomplishments;
  • Completed biographical and professional information form; and
  • Recent digital photo with a minimum of 300 dpi.


Nomination/consent form
(Microsoft Word Document)
Endorsement form
(Microsoft Word Document)

Fellow Award Recent Recipients

Award YearRecipient
2017Ms. Wilhelmina B. Bratton53246
2017Mr. David L. Bruton, CF74887
2017Mr. Richard A. Cappell, CF59191
2017Dr. Tamara L. Cushing75254
2017Dr. Daniel C. Dey, CF71858
2017Mr. Paul C. Dolan, CF75586
2017Dr. Richard W. Guldin, CF61872
2017Mr. Timothy R. Keith75360
2017Mr. Steven W. Koehn58729
2017Dr. Peter F. Kolb75591
2017Mr. Lyle Laverty, CF52999
2017Mr. Charles J. Maley, CF61754
2017Mr. Darren J. McAvoy75343
2017Mr. Michael L. Murphrey, CF75859
2017Mr. Joseph F. Murray73820
2017Dr. Kevin L. O'Hara, CF75733
2017Ms. Julie M. Peltier, CF75578
2017Mr. Scott W. Shallenberger, CF69118
2017Mr. Gary T. Springer68643
2017Mr. Robin C. Tucker, CF67881
2017Mr. Louis E. Van Hoof, III, CF73622
2017Mr. David W. Wells68785