Outstanding SAF Student Chapter Awards

The Outstanding SAF Student Chapter Awards recognize the outstanding SAF student chapters in the nation and their faculty representative during an academic year.

Three student chapters are recognized annually during the SAF National Convention. The first place student chapter will receive a $500 honorarium. All three student chapters will be recognized in The Forestry Source, the SAF newspaper. The school's department head and/or dean, the university president, and the SAF faculty representative will receive notification of the award.


The award recognizes the accomplishments of the student chapter during the academic year. There are 10 possible points awarded in each of the following categories:  Membership; Service to SAF and its Members; Service to the College or University; Involvement with Other Natural Resource Organizations; Public Relations, Outreach, and Community Involvement; and Chapter Management.

Nomination Information

Nomination materials should address the following items in each category:


     •  Describe your recruiting and retention efforts and state the current number of student members in the chapter.
     •  Describe your chapter’s activities that encourage graduating students to maintain their affiliation with SAF.

Service to SAF and its Members

     •  Provide details of any chapter sponsored programs, seminars or workshops held during the last academic year.  Include information about topic and speaker.
     •  Does your chapter participate in a mentoring program?  Describe professional development opportunities provided to members.
     •  Describe your chapter’s involvement and support at the SAF national, state and local levels.

Service to the College or University

     •  Describe how the student chapter supported the Forestry School or Department.  For example, did the chapter publish or contribute to publication of student, school, or department materials?
     •  Describe your chapter’s involvement with any projects that assisted the campus community.

Involvement with Other Natural Resource Organizations

     •  Explain how your chapter collaborated with related organizations on campus, nationally, or internationally.     

Public Relations, Outreach, and Community Involvement

     •  Describe the chapter’s outreach efforts and how they were recognized on blogs, Facebook, or in local or state news media.

Chapter Management

     •  Please provide your chapter management plan.  Include chapter goals, budget, a description of fundraising efforts, and meetings, events and projects planned. Examples include a description of your faculty advisor’s role and participation in chapter activities, chapter funding sources, or a description of how budgets are developed for your chapter.


Your nomination packet must be submitted through the online submission portal site and include:      
     •  Letter of nomination or cover letter from the Student Chapter Faculty Representative summarizing and supporting the chapter’s accomplishments
     •  Letter of nomination or cover letter from the dean/department head summarizing and supporting the chapter’s accomplishments
     • Completed nomination packet

Outstanding SAF Student Chapter Award Recipients

Award YearRecipient
2023Colorado State University64660
2022University of California- Berkeley63876
2021Mississippi State University67765
2020Mississippi State University67765
2019Mississippi State University67765
2018Mississippi State University67765
2017Colorado State University64660
2016Mississippi State University67765
2015Colorado State University64660
2013Northern Arizona University63451
2012Northern Arizona University63451
2011Mississippi State University67765
2010Green River College65610
2008Northern Arizona University63451
2007Green River College65610
2006Green River College65610